Our Story

What started as a bored Yankees fan live-tweeting games from Livermore, California has evolved into a leading sports and pop culture new media company with a monthly reach into the hundreds of millions.

In 2017, emboldened by the audience following his Yankees live-tweets, Jimmy launched the Talkin’ Yanks podcast with lifelong friend and fellow Yankees fan Jake Storiale. As the listener numbers grew, Jimmy got the idea this was more than a hobby – he raised an angel investment round, went full-time, and helped launch Talkin’ Folk, Just Talkin’ (now Mornin’), Talkin’ Knicks, Laughs from the Past, and Jomboy & Jake Radio with various friends and online acquaintances. Jimmy also started releasing breakdowns of big moments and brawls in baseball on YouTube, a move that developed a larger, national audience, facilitating the launch of Talkin’ Baseball and other national properties.

In 2019 and 2020, Jomboy Media opened a studio in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, grew the production team, became a credentialed member of the baseball media, and added additional properties including Sequence with Trevor Plouffe.

Or, as Jake tells it:

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