Next up in my draft preview is Charlie Heck. So I’m assuming many of you are asking “who the heck is Charlie Heck?” Well one bad pun later, I’m here to tell you just that. Charlie Heck is an OT out of the University of Carolina. Standing at 6’8” 311lbs, Heck showed up on my radar during the NFL Scouting Combine. He did well in drills and I wanted to learn more about him. So in this article, we shall see how Charlie peformed during the 2019 season, and see what he brings to the NFL.


40 yard dash- 5.16 (10 yard spilt- 1.80 seconds)

Bench Press- 21

Vertical Jump- 28 inches

Broad Jump- 112 inches

3 cone drill- 8.02

20 yard shuttle- 4.86


NOTE: To try and making view easier, I’ll circle Charlie Heck before each clip so you aren’t looking for him. But during the clips, he is #67, the LT.

YouTube: Mark Jarvis

Wanted to post this for you guys to see how Heck pulled on this play. He got around fast and while didn’t make a huge impact on the play, you see is is very capable to pull from the tackle position.

YouTube: Mark Jarvis

The South Carolina defender made Charlie Heck look silly on this play. Swiped his hand out of the way and got past him. He had no impact on the play, but just poor execution here on Heck’s part.

YouTube: Hash

I know I’m about to call Heck out on this clip, but the whole Tar Heel line got destroyed on this play. The poor QB didn’t stand a chance, but back to Heck. He was able to get his hands on him and was able to get a grip on him, but it almost looked liked it slip and thats what allowed the defender to get to the QB. Also looks like his feet slipped out from under him. Just a bad play not only Heck, but the whole Tar Heel line.

YouTube: Hash

The North Carolina line had a pretty bad game against Wake Forest. Sam Howell, the QB for UNC, was sacked 5 times. Bad game all around, and here you see Charlie get tossed to the side and not contribute on this play. Doesn’t seem he got a good grip on the defender, and just got thrown to the side.

YouTube: Hash

After a few bad clips, we’re back with a good clip. Got his hands underneath the shoulders, got a good grip and was able to do his job and keep the QB upright.

Charlie won’t be someone going on Day 1, and probably not day 2 of the NFL Draft. If he does go on Day 2, it will be the end of round 3. I see him as a day 3 guy on a team that isn’t in desperate need of an OT, but wants to start building him up in hopes he will be something one day. He has a solid foundation already, just needs to be in the right situation and I can see Heck starting one day in the NFL.



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