Another one bites the dust in the aftermath of baseball’s sign-stealing scandal as the Boston Red Sox released a statement that says they’ve mutually agreed to part ways with manager Alex Cora. Cora has circled as the center of both Houston and Boston’s sign-stealing allegations.

When Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the punishments for the Houston Astros on Monday, he sent out a nine-page letter describing his findings. Alex Cora is named 11 times in those nine pages.

Astros manager AJ Hinch got a one-year ban (and was fired by owner Jim Crane) even though it appears MLB found him to not be a major player in the scandal (he obviously could have put a stop to the cheating, but they say he didn’t like it and didn’t orchestrate it). Cora is expected to get more than that. Manfred is (rightfully, it sounds) targeting him.

MLB has said they do not plan to stop their investigation and that this dismissal will not impact Cora’s looming suspension, expected to be handed down sooner rather than later, but within the next month certainly.

In a vacuum, it is a decent punishment in and of itself for both the Astros and Red Sox that they have to conduct managerial searches in January. The Astros got their other punishments already, so now we await what happens with Boston and how MLB will specifically punish Alex Cora.

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