Hey, look! It’s Lance Lynn! He pitched really well against us in a game that doesn’t even matter!

Good for him, though. Good for him

Aaron Judge hit a solo homer in this one because, ya know – What A Guy, What A Guy.

We threw Chaddy Green out there at first, followed by the man, the myth, the legend: Masa.

Masa was clearly rattled about coming into a game from the bullpen, because he gave up 2 runs of his own. Only one earned though! Clearly not too rattled.

Tommy K and Otto looked a little shaky in their appearances, but should we be worried?

Boonie kinda gave up on the whole “beat out Houston” scenario. The last couple weeks, we saw A LOT more Lyons/Gearrin/Cessa/Lasagna than Otto/Zack/Tommy/Chappie.

These guys were a little out of practice, so giving up a couple runs against the scrub Rangers makes sense.

To answer my own question…no, I am not worried (I hope).

Britton and Chappie took care of their innings in there first ever appearances in September! LOL, I’m totally kidding, but it honestly feels that way.

No matter. A lion does not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. A 6-1 loss in Game 162 to the Texas Rangers is NOTHING.

Now the real season begins.

Hell of a season though, folks. It honestly flew by. And now, the next few days gotta fly by. Because I’m amped. I’m pumped. I’m ready to fucking goooo.

The goddamn American League Division Series starts on Friday.



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