That game didn’t matter. That game didn’t matter. That game didn’t matter.

That game DID NOT matter.

I have to keep telling myself that because goddamn…that game really fucking sucked. To lose a 12-11 game to a team with 100 losses, blowing a 6 run lead, losing on a walkoff…so many factors made that game extremely frustrating.

Yes, I’m aware that it doesn’t affect us in the long run. But, sometimes I let my dumb brain take over and I revert back from the level-headed, clever blogger and I become the hot-headed crazy fan. And, the “hot-headed crazy fan” inside of me has me PISSED off from that fucking game.

Why though? Why does that game have me pissed off? In reality, as I’m wriitng these words, I realize I’m not actually pissed off.

Was I trolling you guys? Was I subconsciously trolling myself? Maybe, maybe.

Did we let the Tigers win? Did we do our good deed of the day?

Let’s be honest…we used Nestor Cortes, Luis Cessa, Cory Gearrin, Johnny Lasanga, Ryan Dull, and Chance fucking Adams. NONE of those guys will be pitching in the playoffs. Well, Nestor and Cessa have a chance too, but still not likely.

We let a motley, dysfunctional team get a morale booster against us. I’m not going to knock it.

Let’s talk about some takeaways though…

Brett Gardner hit two yabos. He has now hit 23 homers this season. That is his career high. I love Brett Gardner.

Gleyber, Edwin, and Didi also hit some dingers…Hell, Didi hit two.

I’m also aware that this is an unorthodox style of a game recap. Seeing as how we let the Tigers win, I don’t feel the need to break down every aspect of a 100-loss team’s victory. Hey, if you wanna hear a full breakdown – go listen to Episode 39 of Talkin Yanks: The Other Guys.

Shameless plug right there.

Otto and Britton pitched in this game briefly. But here’s a question for you… If we use a bunch of shitty relievers, in a game that is meaningless, and we casually and quickly employ two elite bullpen arms, did they actually even pitch?

They probably didn’t, if I’m being honest. I’m just reviewing all the facts here.

Mike Ford had a RBI single, T-Wade had a 2 run triple…the boys were HITTING. We tied the fucking Twins and then took our goddamn homer record back.

Who cares if Chance “The Stupid Cali Teen from Scottsdale” Adams gave up a walkoff in the 9th inning.

Good for the Tigers. Good for them.

Let’s kick the shit out of them tonight though…just saying.

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