OK so I don’t have ESPN+ or whatever service it is that allows you to stream the FIBA World Cup games, plus I didn’t actually know they were playing until the game was almost over anyway, but Frank freaking Ntilikina (my boy) defeated Team USA basically single-handedly, from what Twitter tells me.

France tied the US with 4:30 left thanks to a three from Frank, and another big jump shot from him put France up by six points with two minutes left en route to France’s defeat of America’s D-Team (Kemba Walker is the best player on the team, come on).

I don’t even think there is another NBA player on France’s roster. Ok I mean there probably is, but I cannot immediately think of one, therefore, Frank Ntilikina defeated America single-handedly. I don’t make the rules, fellas, I just enforce them. (P.S. I just saw that Rudy Gobert is on their roster idk if anyone else is there, though)

Anyway, for Knicks purposes, it sure would be not only dope but also trill if Frank Ntilikina has developed even the most modest of jump shots. Is he going to be able to see the court this year? If he can shoot even a little bit, then I suppose I don’t see why not. The log jam is at power forward anyway (I don’t actually believe in the PF logjam since all our guys can slide to another position as well and isn’t that the whole point of modern basketball anyway but the joke was there so I took it).

Anyway, it’s a fun start to my Wednesday that I did not anticipate having.

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