The Boston Red Sox have “parted ways” with Dave Dombrowski as team’s President of Baseball Operations less than one year after winning the World Series. They have promoted Assistant General Manager Eddie Romero to head of baseball operations.

UPDATE: It’s more than just Eddie Romero, according to Jeff Passan, as these three guys will work together to do Dombrowski’s former role

As shocking as it is for any team to fire their GM this close to constructing a World Series winner, there were rumblings to indicate his job security had been in question over the last few weeks, especially after the team’s only major midseason acquisition was Andrew Cashner (who has been bad) and the team continued to freefall out of playoff contention.

Dombrowski, 63, was hired in 2015 and is responsible for the acquisitions of Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, JD Martinez, David Price, Nathan Eovaldi and Alex Cora (as manager of the team). It won him and the Red Sox a World Series! No regrets.

The former GM signed Price to a $217M contract, Sale to a five year, $145M deal that begins next season, Xander Bogaerts to a (rather team-friendly) six-year, $120M deal, and Eovaldi to a four year, $68M deal. He also notably let closer Craig Kimbrel (and Joe Kelly) walk in free agency without rebuilding the bullpen as Eovaldi has become their closer, and has struggled with both performance and health in year one of his deal.

Romero inherits a Red Sox team that is in a bind. JD Martinez can opt-out of his contract and become a free agent this year (but also any of the next three offseasons, if my mental math serves me correctly) and Mookie Betts is set to become a free agent after next season. With all of the other financial commitments, there is likely no room to bring both of their 2018 MVP candidates back on the contracts they could receive in the open market. 22-year-old Rafael Devers will eventually need to be paid, too, which is going to be a challenge, plus their farm system is not highly regarded which means they would likely have to use money and not prospects if they want to reinforce the rest of their roster. This is all worth it for the championship Dombrowski won, of course, but it does not change that they will have to make tough choices from here.

(Be nice to me, it’s midnight and this is my first time trying to write about the Red Sox on here.)

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