Is JA “Peanut Butta” Happ actually good again? “The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Consistency”…is he back?


Has he reverted back to his 2018 form?! Because he absolutely WORKED the Red Sox on Saturday afternoon.

He’s like mayonaisse because he’s smooth, but dangerous to leave open. He’s like propane, he was in your grill all day

Those analogies work for pick-up basketball…maybe not a starting pitcher. Regardless, the man was BALLING. But I’ll get to him momentarily. Let’s. Talk. Offense.

In the 4th, a 2 run double by Scary Gary/Teddy Bear Gar/The Best Catcher Ever scored Didi and DJ. And then….the man with the pet parrot did this:


4-0. Love it. LOVE IT.

During all this time, Peanut Butta Happ was holding Boston scoreless – and hitless – despite measly singles in the 1st and 4th. Through 6 innings? Domination.

Then, Boonie threw out Happ the Ace for the first batter of the 7th. He struck out Devers and was promptly treated to a “hero’s send-off” at Fenway…just kidding. The Sox fans were pissed. And rightfully so. You guys just got humiliated by a guy with 5.10 ERA.

Well, he actually had a 5.34 ERA before this game but you get the point. His final stat line?

6.1 IP, 2 hits, 0 ER, 1 walk, 7 Ks.

Two straight game of 6+ innings pitched and 0 earned runs. IS 2018 JA HAPP ACTUALLY BACK?!
My brain is hyperventilating at the thought…if that even makes sense.

As for the rest of this game, Agent Zero Ottavino finished off the 7th, Tommy K gave up 2 hits in the 8th and he needed Zack “With a K” to bail him out. Good old, Zack/Zach.

Chappie took care of the 9th but, in Classic Chappie fashion, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t tough either, but ya know…

A solo shot to JD.

Oh, Eddie E added a RBI Double in the 9th. The Parrot Man is back.

The final? 5-1.

The result? The Red Sox suck and we are great

The overreaction? JA Happ is FUCKING BACK, BABY

The reality? Eh, I’m not sure what to believe yet.

That is all.

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