That game was annoying and stupid. And bleh. And meh. And all of the above.

In reality, it was nice that we allowed the lowly Boston Red Sox, once our fierce rivals, to feel good about themselves. We allowed them a victory on a Friday night, in September, during the primetime TV hour.

Credit to us for being so nice to those assholes.

Cy Young Mingo didn’t really have it in this one, ladies and gents. It’s a damn shame, but I don’t he’s going to reach 20 wins now. Which suuuuucks. It would have so dope to see that Justin Verlander’s lone failure in his Cy Young season was that he had less wins than Domingo German.

Mingo looked solid early, then faltered in the 4th. Should Gleyber have fielded that ball? Yeah probably…

It wasn’t an error, or anything, so he is in the clear. Kinda. The Sox got a RBi single off that play, followed by a 3 run shot by Mitch Moreland.


Mingo was eventually pulled after walking a guy in the 5th. Nestor Cortes “SURELY NOT Ken Griffey” Jr promptly walked a guy himself, and then gave up a 2 run double. One run to Mingo, one run to Nestor.

For Mingo?

4.1 IP, 3 hits, 5 ER, 4 walks, 5 Ks.

We got a nice Gardy solo shot though!

That counts for something right?

But the damage had been done. Again, it doesn’t really matter though. We did our charity work for the week.

We then threw our ELITE arms out there…just kidding. It was motley crew season. But not the way the band spells it…

Tyler Lyons, Cody Gearrin, and Chaddy Green all pitched shutout innings.

Oh…Gary also got nailed at the plate in the 7th. That sucked too. Ok, bye.

Game 2 coming up at 4. Can this game be a little more exciting? Please? Just a little…


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