16 straight wins against Baltimore. Went 17-2 against them in 2019. Completed this final 4 game sweep.

If only I was talking about the Blue Jays, so I could accurately use the “Sorrey!” gif – ah, well. I’ll take what I can get.

Domination. Destruction. There really isn’t much else to say, at this point. We know the deal. The 2019 Baltimore Orioles are a glorified Triple-A club, while we’re the Yankees and we cannot stopped. Not by a million guys on the IL. Not by the Red Sox. And not by shitty pitcher – hopefully that isn’t our undoing in October though…

In this game, though, we actually allowed them to creep their way back in and make things competitive. We also had to overcome the pitfall that is JA Happ! Credit to us.

And to be honest…with the bases already loaded in the first, I was prepared to officially cancel JA Happ for this season. Truly, I was feeling a minimum 4-run inning given up by him…MIRACULOUSLY THOUGH…He was able to get outta the inning with only one RBI single as the damage.

I know – crazy, right?

And getting out of the inning with only one run, allowed us to jump on this shitty team REAL QUICK. In the bottom half of the first, we were able to get two men on after a Gardy walk [Judge fielder’s choice, so he took Gardy’s place on the base paths] and a Gio the God single.

Sir Didi (did you that HE’S A KNIGHT?!) got us on the board with a RBI single. Didi didn’t want to the showstopper on this occasion. Credit to him. He decided to step out of the limelight and hand the baton to our good pal, Gary.


Goddamn. Love this dude.

With the 4-1 lead in place, Happer was able to limit his “fuck-ups” to only one more RBI single.

His stat line?

5 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 3 walks, 6 Ks.

After his day was done, we were able to tack on two more runs in the 6th inning. Gary single, Gley Baby double, and a Mikey T walk allowed….THE OTHER MIKE to rip a 2 run single to give us a 6-2 lead.

Mike “I Don’t Pop Molly, I Rock Tom” Ford. Love it. LOVE IT.

Of course, Boonie tried to bring out Cessa in the 7th, with a comfortable 4-run lead, and of course, he fucked up. He gave up a 2-run double before getting yanked for Agent Zero Ottavino.

‘Adam from Brooklyn’ immediately gave up a RBI double, to bring the O’s within one, but this run was credited to Cessa. As of late, it seems like Otto is ALWAYS being expected to clean up Cessa’s messes.

Cessa is the douchebag frat brother who throws up in the hallway, while Otto is his lowly pledge who has to begrudgingly clean it all up. Hang in there, Adam. You’ll become an initiated brother soon! LMAO.

We weren’t scoring any more runs. We were tired. We had beaten the Baltimore Orioles into submission for days. Weeks, honestly. We had to rely on the pitching!

Zack “With a K, Not an H” Britton was able to handle business in the 8th inning against his old team and then…it was time for Chappie…one run lead.

And? Classic Chappie was back, folks. BUT IT’S OKAY. He got two quick outs, gave up a single (of course he did!) and then got the final Oriole to strike out swinging.

Boom. ANOTHER SWEEP. The Orioles are dead. Granted they have been dead for a long-ass time, but this just reinforces it.

Chappie notched his 33rd save of the year and we won 6-5.

Alllll good stuff.

Sorry, O’s. Better luck next year.

We start a playoff-like series against Cleveland tonight. Let’s get ittt.


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