Today is Wednesday afternoon. This is going to be the LAST game that we play against the Baltimore Orioles this year. This is a sad, sad day. Don’t get me wrong, putting up a million runs against this dreadful franchise can be a little monotonous.

Okay, I’m totally kidding. For real, it is going to be sad to not add a bunch of free victories to our win total. What are ya gonna do though?

Let’s talk about our pitching first…because Domingo Germán REFUSES to lose baseball games. Seriously, though. Since he returned from the IL on July 3rd against the Mets, he has had 8 starts. He has won SEVEN of them, with one no-decision. Zero losses.

I was at that Mets game at Citi, so if you want to credit me with jump-starting Domingo’s string of wins, I won’t deny it.

He locked down his SIXTEENTH win last night. Yes, yes – I’m aware that his ERA isn’t as great as Verlander, Cole, or Charlie Morton (all current or former Astros hmmm – something fishy there), but his 3.96 is still trending in the right direction!

Last night?

7 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 1 walk, 7 Ks.

His lone mistakes were solo shots in the 4th and 5th – not a big deal though. Mingo’s stuff is so filthy that his mom should wash out his mouth with soap! HAH – get it?

Like “filthy” aka curse words? Did your mom rinse your mouth with soap to punish you for cursing when you were a kid?

If not, I’ll shut up and move on…

We got to see the MLB debut of young Adonis “Adonis Creed aka Michael B. Jordan” Rosa in this game! After the double-header we’ve needed a replenishing of bullpen arms. Hence the appearances of Mantiply, Brady Lail, and now Adonis Rosa.

And he looked pretty damn good! He retired 6 of the 7 batters he faced, while giving up a trivial solo shot in the 9th inning. There we go, Adonis! He’s back in the minor now but we appreciate the effort, my dude.


Fuck, Mike Trout. Give DJ the goddamn MVP award.


After a Gley Baby walk, and a Sir Didi double, Killa Cam “Call Me Maybe” Maybin continues to show the world why Brian Cashman is an extra genius for brining him onto the team. 2 run single to pad our lead to 3-zip.

After one of the insignificant Baltimore solo shots, we put up a 4-SPOT in the 4th inning – without hitting a dinger! The scoring followed as such:

Row Row Your Boat single – Mikey T walk – JUDGEY 2 RUN DOUBLE – GIO THE GOD RBI SINGLE – GARY RBI DOUBLE

I love this team, I love this team, I love this team.

Mikey T added a RBI double in the 5th to bring our total to 8, to pad the lead, and to continue to endear himself to Yankee fans around the world. Love it. LOVE IT.

And that pretty much does it. 8-3 dub. We won the series. What else is new?

As I said before, the final game against the Orioles in 2019 is coming up within the hour…can we complete the sweep?! Well, of course we can. But are we gonna take our foot off the gas? That’s the better question…


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