The 2020 schedule was released Monday. Let’s talk about some standout dates.

The Yanks open up the season in Baltimore on March 26. Getting earlier to mix in some extra off-days (some of which will surely be lost to rainouts) throughout the year.

They open the year in Baltimore then in Tampa, staying away from Yankee Stadium, which sucks early in the year, until April 2. Just seven of their first 19 and 10 of their first 26 will take place in New York which is nice for the players since that takes out some dates in super cold cities during the coldest time of the season. Cool.

The Yanks will play their first series against the Red Sox on May 8, which is slightly later than usual, but not crazy. They don’t make their first trip to Fenway Park until June 12. They waited until July this year, so that feels early but it’s still kinda late for making the first trip there again.

The Mets will play the Yanks in the Bronx on July 8. You don’t care about that, but it’s my birthday, so I like to make note of that. Fun!

July 28-August 13 is a scheduled 17-day stretch without an off day, including a series at Fenway during the July 31 trade deadline. That’s the longest stretch of the season, by my eye test. August 13 is the Field of Dreams game in Iowa against Chicago. Moreover, they’re slated to play 27 games in 28 games following the Alll-Star break, startin with a series in St. Louis on July 17 and concluding with the Field of Dreams game.

September seems pretty rough. They conclude the regular season with a 7-game homestand against Houston and Tampa. Besides a 4-game series against the Orioles, they play against all teams that we should expect to be good, if not at least thorns in the Yanks sides, at this point in time. Boston twice, Toronto twice, Tampa twice and Houston. Woof. Hopefully, they play 2020 like they’ve played 2019 and their September won’t matter too too much.

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