Hey – you gotta give credit where credit is due. If there’s one thing I’ll say about myself, I am a noble and honorable man. I give credit when it is earned.


Hats off to the Toronto Blue Jays on beating us in a baseball game, while snapping our 9 winning streak. Props to them.

For the last week and a half, beating us was no easy task. Credit to them. And credit to me, for being the bigger man and offering congratulations. A lesser man would never do so. So again, credit to me.

Lmao. Okay, I’ll cut the bullshit.

This was an annoying game, no getting around that. It was made even worse by that TERRIBLE decision to eject Gardy from the game…without saying anything. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?!

It was really Killa Cam who said something!!

Absolutely heinous call. But hey, at least some great content was created from this bone-headed decision. Solid spin zone.

After a couple starts of being only marginally bad, JA Happ was back to being REALLY bad. And it wasn’t a good time.

5 IP, 4 hits, 6 ER, 3 walks, 4 Ks.

He kept his hits to a very low number – soooo, that’s good right? The problem is…that he gave up A LOT of yabos.

A 2 run shot in the 1st, a solo blast in the 2nd, and a terrible 3 run shot in the 4th after DJ missed a ball in foul territory.

We were able to squeak across with only 2 runs, thanks to the Mike Brothers. Seriously, Mikey T and “I Don’t Pop Molly, I Rock Tom” Ford. You guys should patent that nickname. Quickly.


Most likely, it’s already been taken by some other dumb Mikes.

Anyways…yeah they both hit solo shots.

Mike Tauchman is still the best player on the planet. No surprise there.

After two shutout innings from Nestor, the Jays added a 2 run shot off Tommy K in the 8th.

8-2 Loss.

Yawn. I am unfazed. Let’s kick the shit out of this scrub-ass Canadian team today.

Game 3 coming up VERY soon.


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