Here’s a hot take, everyone:

I’m not a fan of Travis d’Arnaud. There. I said it.

As I typically say after a terrible loss, “I’m going to try to crack some jokes despite being sad about the game.”

Wanna hear some honesty? I don’t know how many jokes I’m going to crack in this recap. I’m a blogger. A writer, if you will…I just start typing away and I let the ideas flow. So bare with me.

HOLY SHIT THOUGH. That game really fucking sucked. Apologies for the language – eh, I’m not really that sorry – but I wanted to apologize, regardless.

But, wow. That was a horrible, horrible game. Like I said in the title: it’s really tough to get more deflating than that one.

Despite giving up two solo shots to d’Arnaud (more on that guy later…) Jimmy Pax continues to trend in the right direction. This was his 3rd straight start of 2 earned runs or less:

6 IP, 7 hits, 2 ER, 2 walks, 7 Ks.

Our bats were dead for a majority of this game, and Paxton was even in line for the loss when he exited the field. BUT, we continued to fight. Because that’s what we always do…whether it ends in happiness or heartbreak, we usually mount a comeback. And then it becomes a glorious comeback…or we come up just short.

Well, I got ahead of myself slightly. With Paxton still in the game, Eddie “Do the Parrot Walk” Encarnación did this:

After a shutout 7th by Chaddy “Is it the Chad?” Green, we got to witness a little bit more of the greatness of Gio “The God and the Happy Fella” Urshela:


Boonie rolled the dice and threw Chaddy out there for the 8th…and it worked. Boonie, I don’t know if you’re a gambling man (hey, it’s legal now!), but that was a ballsy decision, my friend.

Move onto the 8th. With the game knotted at 2, Hicksy on first, and already with one homer on the day, it was EDDIE E TIME, BABY.


Holy shit, what a moment.

4-2 lead. Heading into the 9th. Our All-Star closer with 25 saves is heading into the game. Everything was supposed to fine. Easy-peasy. Hunky dory. All that jazz.

Let’s not relive it too much.

Infield single. Another single. THEN TWO GODDAMN STRIKEOUTS. I truly thought that this was just another ‘Classic Chappie’ performance.

And then…a fucking short porch, 3 run homer to who else? Travis FUCKING d’Arnaud. You have got to be kidding me…

All of a sudden, we were down 5-4.

Judgey got on with a walk in the 9th, and then Lukey struck out looking. It was bad. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Shitty, shitty loss.

We need to bounce back tonight – and send the Rays back to 6 games behind us. I don’t like that they’ve started to creep up a little bit. Not a fan, not a fan.


Let’s bounce back tonight, guys.


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