Yes, Luke Voit is back. #MYFIRSTBASEMAN

Balance has been restored. I’ll accept the 2-1 loss, because this is a statement of fact. Luke Voit is back and we’re going to be okay.

It doesn’t matter that he struck out with tying run on 3rd base. That was a BULLSHIT call. And it’s the Blue Jays…we can afford a loss to the fucking Blue Jays.

Win today and we’re back in business – not that we weren’t already ‘in business’…don’t get it twisted, folks!

There were some positive takeaways from this game though…


Aaron Judge is an absolute monster who notched 4 hits. I know that hits aren’t an indication of “Captain-worthiness” (and yes, I made that up), but I have a bone to pick with our front office.

Let’s thing about this realistically, halfway through the 2019 season.

IF, Aaron Judge is not officially named our captain by 2021, I’m going to freak the fuck out. On Hal Steinbrenner. On Dark Wizard Cash. Even on Boonie, if he survives the chopping block for 2 more years…just kidding, Boonie!

Okay, okay. I’ll chill with the Captain rant…

JA Happ gave us a pretty strong start in his return after the break. Nevertheless, I’m still not giving him back his nicknames. And he was credited with the loss…damnit, JA!

The man was pitching a goddamn shutout before surrendering back-to-back singles in the 6th. As many Boone critics will say, “why was Happ even out of there for the 6th inning?”

Happ isn’t quite at CC’s level – he can usually give us an adequate 6th inning AND his pitch count was so law.

So alas, Boone kept him in. Wow…I haven’t used ‘alas‘ in a while. Credit to me for the fancy word.

Ottavino was brought into a shitty situation and eventually gave up a bloop single, 2 run single – both runs credited to Happer.

Ah, fuck.

Nestor, Britton, and Hale kept the lead at 2, but our bats decided to nothing. Absolutely, positively NOTHING.

Well, except for Aaron Judge. What a guy, what a guy. The big homie was 4/5 with FOUR SINGLES. After a Hicksy walk, and a DJ LM On That Beat single in the 9th, Judgey cut the lead in half with a RBI single.

And then the aforementioned Luke Voit strikeout transpired…BUT IT WAS A BULLSHIT CALL.

2-1 loss.

Whatever…one loss to the Blue Jays. Let’s crush them today and move the fuck on. Boom.

Game 3 coming up…NOW!


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