The internet was created for people to share their opinions and to then have other people rip those opinions to shreds.

Grading players may be the best forum ever for this act of internet cruelty.

We have assembled a crew of people you respect in the Talkin’ Yanks family (Jomboy, KT Sharp) along with those you don’t (Myself AKA Talkin’ Jake) and the rest of the crew that helps out with The Other Guys podcast, series previews, injury updates, articles and everything else under the sun. (Big Baby David, Adam D’Addario, John Ferraro, Jared Saul, Will Haydanek and Max Martin.)

Alright, Enough hyperlinks! I just ate some peanut M&Ms before 10:30 AM so let’s start judging professional athletes (scale of 0-10). Also, there are a couple of names excluded from this list; Romine (sorry man, back up catcher is tough to grade), Edwin (sample size), Thairo (broke the scale) and anyone else with too small of a sample size.

The only made-up term you’ll need to know for these ratings is EvP (Expectations vs Production) only when I believe that’s a big factor in the players scoring.

Example: Urshela might have a higher grade than Gleyber. That doesn’t mean he’s better but EvP.


Gary Sanchez

Talkin Yanks Average Grade: 9.12

Highest Grade: Katie Sharp, 9.6

Lowest Grade: Jomboy, 8.5 (GASP!)

Best catcher in baseball. A couple of mini-slumps but no one is talking about blocking anymore…

Luke Voit – 8.75

High: Johnny Ferraro, 9.6

Low: Max Martin, 7.75

No fluke Luke. He leads the team in walks and is not a question mark at all. #CashGod

DJ LeMahieu – 9.79

High: Four People with 10 out of 10 scores!

Low: Max Martin, 9.3

AL MVP candidate anyone could’ve had so yeah, Bonita fish are big? #CashGod

Gleyber Torres – 8.69

High: Katie Sharp, 9.9 (!)

Low: Max Martin, 6.5 (!)

Baby Gleyby has turned it on since Didi’s return #Friends?

Gio Urshela – 8.72

High: Johnny Ferraro, 10

Low: Will Haydanek, 7.9

EvP. Amazing outside of 1 slump. Interesting 2nd half/future for him. #CashGod

Cameron Maybin – 7.94

High: Jake Story, 10

Low: Big Baby David & Jared Saul, 6.9

EvP. Did everything we asked and a lot more. Miss him and that’s insane #CashGod

Brett Gardner – 7.72

High: Adam D’Addario, 8.8

Low: Max Martin, 6

A month and a half of bad followed by a month and a half of All-Star level play.

Aaron Judge – 7.52

High: Katie Sharp, 9.2

Low: Max Martin, 5.5

If the big fella stays healthy, his numbers will look Judgian (sp?) by year-end.

Cliiiiiint Frazier – 6.29

High: Katie Sharp, 7.8

Low: Jared Saul, 3.8

EvP. Hit like an All-Start outside of one slump. The defense is a problem and that’s fair!

Aaron Hicks – 6.46

High: Adam D’Addario, 7.6 (oh we’re shocked!)

Low: Jake Story, 5.5 *gulp*

Slow start, strong defense in CF, showing signs he’s back at the plate.

Mike Tauchman – 5.80

High: Katie Sharp & Adam D’Addario, 6.9

Low: Jared Saul, 3.3

Awful start, now solid at all 3 OF spots and kills lefties. (Not righties, doe)


Masahiro Tanaka – 8.24

High: Katie Sharp, 8.9

Low: Max Martin, 7

3.37 ERA (in North America) this year. Very strong season for Tank.

James Paxton – 6.83

High: Adam D’Addario, 8.3

Low: Jomboy, 5.5

Inconsistent but when he’s right he looks completely unhittable. More of that, please!

JA Happ – 5.03

High: Adam D’Addario, 7.1

Low: Jomboy, 3

Bad start to the season and 2 blow-up starts are slightly deceiving. Also, 5.02 ERA though.

CC Sabathia – 6.84

High: Big Baby David, 7.9

Low: Max Martin, 5

EvP. One rough stretch otherwise surprisingly (or not) solid.

Domingo German – 8.31

High: Johnny Pinstripes, 9

Low: Big Baby David, 7.7

If the hip thing really is to blame for his bad starts, then he has been SO good.

Aroldis Chapman – 9.30

High: Johnny Pinstripes, 9.7

Low: Katie Sharp, 8.9

Hasn’t been a question mark all year. Closed out the All-Star game (half cool).

Zack Britton – 7.91

High: Jake Story 8.8

Low: Big Baby David, 6.7

Improved consistency, but tough to keep up with the strikeout-righties in the pen!

Adam Ottavino – 8.89

High: Jake Story, 9.5

Low: Max Martin 7.5

Video Game. If he signed w/ Boston, how different would this season be?

Tommy Kahnle – 8.52

High: Jake Story, 9.5

Low: Jared Saul, 7.1

EvP. We got nothing from him last year and how different is our season this year without him?

Jonathan Holder – 2.32

High: Will Haydanek, 5.2

Low: Katie Savage/Sharp, 0.1

Unacceptable. Sorry JH, You had one okay stretch, otherwise… batting practice.

Nestor Cortes Jr. – 6.82

High: Johnny Pinstripes, 7.5

Low: Jared Saul, 4.7

EvP. We had no expectations and Nestor has thrown a lot of solid innings.

Chad Green – 6.68

High: Katie Sharp & Adam D’Addario, 7.9

Low: Jomboy, 5.5

Unfathomably bad start but Chad has been lights out since his timeout in AAA

Luis Cessa – 3.73

High: Adam D’Addario, 5

Low: Jared Saul, 0.1

EvP. Fool’s gold to kick off the season but has since returned to his old ways.

David Hale – 6.84

High: Johnny Pinstripes, 7.1

Low: Jomboy & Will Haydanek, 6.5

Hale storm in The Bronx and has been surprisingly solid over his innings.

If you made it this far, thank you so much. Let’s hope the Yanks have a huge second half and the complete ratings are listed below.

JomboyJake StorialeKT SharpBig Baby DavidAdam DaddarioJared SaulJohn FerraroWill HaydanekMax MartinAverage
DJLM 9.710109.9109.5109.79.39.79
Pitchers:JomboyJake StorialeKT SharpBig Baby DavidAdam DaddarioJared SaulJohn FerraroWill HaydanekMax Martin
Cortes Jr7.
Chad Green5.567.


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