Really controversial play this weekend in the Astros/Angels AL West division showdown. Jake Marisnick ran right over Jonathan Lucroy in what he says he thought was going to be an attempt to get to the inside part of the plate since the throw from Kole Calhoun in right seemed like it would pull Lucroy the other way. It didn’t, though, and Lucroy ended up in pretty much the normal spot and he got hurt very badly when it was too late for Marisnick to change directions.

A lot of people are saying it was intentional on Marisnick’s end and I can understand why they’d think that. It looks awful. Obviously, his intent was not to injure Lucroy. After seeing the play more in-depth, I think I believe Marisnick, looking at his facial expressions and seeing his explanation via tweet. Hopefully, Lucroy can fully recover and return to play soon. Concussions are tricky.

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