These winning vibes are great. Continuing these winning vibes in that barren wasteland of Tropicana Field is even better.

On a day when Masa wasn’t on his A game, but was still fairly good, we found a way to get the dub. Because we’re the Yankees. And we’re destroying everyone in our path. We’re like the Night King.

Before he got all dumb in Season 8 thanks to the terrible writers. But I won’t get into that…

Aaron “What a Guy, What a Guy” Judge got us going…in style

THAT’S OUR CAPTAIN. He truly is “a guy”…

This lead remained the same until the 4th, where Masa gave up a solo shot. No biggie, though. Don’t let it get you down, Tank!

Mikey Tauchman, the hero we all expected, will save the day!

With Gleyber, Gardy, and Row Row Row Your Boat Romine on base, Mikey T ripped a two run double! A wizard in the outfield, he’s now trying to do his best “Clint Frazier” impression at the plate. I see your game, Mikey.

Unfortunately….Tanaka fucked it up. A solo shot in the 5th? Again – NO BIGGIE.

HOWEVER (yes, of course – Stephen A. voice!) he gave up a double and a walk, before being pulled for Nestor Cortes. After hitting Austin Meadows, Cortes gave up a 2 run single, with both runs being credited to Masa.

Should Boonie have let Masa go out for the 7th inning? In retrospect, obviously not. His pitch count was wavering around 100 though…as always, we like to blame Boone after the fact. Classic situation.

Tanaka’s day? 6.1 IP, 6 hits, 4 ER, 2 walks, 5 Ks.

Now down by 1, we needed another savior. Mike Tauchman cannot bail us out forever. Cue…


After a solid 8th from Nestor, he turned the ball over to David “Still Not Very Notable And Boring” Hale. BUT, Hale waded into some dangerous waters in the 9th, allowing the winning run to get to third – with some help on a passed ball from Romine.

It was evident that David Hale wanted to cause some heart palpitations for the fans – since we call him boring, ya know?

Bold strategy, David. At least you got out of it…but don’t do it again.


Nothing happened in the 10th…

In the 11th? The Captain does it..


Fuck the Trop. Fuck the Rays. Aaron Judge – what a guy, what a guy.

After Gleyber and Gio notched some base hits, the old man of the squad wanted to pad our lead. He also wanted to throw a party…and you know what they say?


Let’s finish this one…

BUT, David Hale’s “heart palpitations scare” was going on for far too long. Boonie pulled him after he gave up back-to-back singles. He did record one K, though!

Classic Chappie returned to the scene of the crime…where he blew a save the night before. But, he was back to Classic Chappie form tonight, baby!

A strikeout – a walk (classic) – and a final line out!

8-4 win! Fuck the Trop. Fuck the Rays.

We win today, we win the series. Let’s Get It.


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