I know that everybody gets a little tired from hearing all of the “This was the Mets’ World Series” bullshit. Nevertheless, it is kind of true…

Did you guys see Edwin Diaz FREAKING out after the final out? Settle down, guy. You’re acting like you’ve never won a meaningful game before…

Oh wait…

While I’m not trying to make excuses for losing to a sorry-ass franchise like the Mets, it’s pretty evident that we were severely jet-lagged. We just flew half way across the world for christ’s sake.

What the hell do you expect? For our guys to be full of energy after sitting on a plane for a million miles…hell no.

But, again – not making excuses. Credit to me for not complaining…

Yes, we lost to our shitty brother from Queens. Yes, we blew a lead. And yes, we actually got a solid performance from James “Jimmy Pax” “I don’t wanna call him Maple Syrup yet” Paxton.

6 IP, 8 hits, 1 ER, 2 walks, 3 Ks.

This man is just about as unpredictable as Drake’s sports fandom, but any productive start from Pax is a HUGE morale victory.


He even recorded his first ever RBI!!

After a Gleyber RBI single to give us a 1-0 lead, Jimmy Pax tried to execute a sacrifice bunt…and it worked. Holy shit.

The fellas were, understandably, pumped up. Despite Paxton trying to avoid giving out actual high fives.

Hey, he’s new to all of this.

The lone run that our Canadian friend surrendered was a solo shot in the 6th inning. Other than that, the man took care of business. And he turned over a 1 run lead to our spectacular bullpen.

Except…our bullpen was certainly not spectacular in this one.

Well, Tommy K looked great because Tommy “The Energizer Bunny” Kahnle will never let something as trivial as “jet lag” affect his performance. Credit to you, Tommy K.

In the 8th, after a rare throwing error by DJ “The Machine” LeMahieu allowed a Mets’ baserunner, they unloaded a RBI double off Agent Zero Ottavino. Okay, okay – tie game.

No need to panic.

Otto has this under CONTROL. An intentional walk? Sure, why not. But, damnit. He immediately gave up a single to load the bases and Boonie had seen enough.

We all know that Zack “With a K, Not an H” Britton has a proclivity to “shit the bed,” for lack of a better word. HEY – you know what? Those were some great words.

I’m glad I used them.


Michael Conforto ripped a 2 run double off Britton, with the runs credited to Otto. But, FUCK. We fucked up this game in a royal fashion.

We couldn’t bounce back in the top of the 9th and that was that.

4-2 L.



But, we were jet-lagged…AND it was the Mets’ World Series. And they stole all of our guys: Robbie Cano, Todd Frazier, and Hechavarria.

Ah, well. Not a big deal.

I will be in attendance for tonight’s game, so don’t worry, folks. I’ll bring the good vibes and get us a dub. And if we don’t win? Please don’t blame me…But if we do win – please credit me. Thanks.


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