Okay, so I already discussed the absolute craziness and absurdness of this London series, in general, during the last recap.

So, let’s just get to the game action…

Wait…I didn’t talk about Price Harry and Megan Markle.

They were there! Okay – I have nothing else to say.

Bananalands Game Part 2:

So – anybody who blames Stephen Tarpley in this situation needs to be slapped upside the head. Or, they need to be body checked by a DJ. Either option is sufficient.

Stevie Tarps had never started an MLB game before this contest. Chaddy Green was supposed to get the nod in the “opener day.”

BUT, when Masa got rocked on Saturday, we had to go to Chaddy in order to fix the situation – which means…he couldn’t start on Sunday.

It was a shitty set of circumstances, which were brought about, in my opinion, because all the pitchers seemed to be totally thrown off by this London “baseball stadium.”

So, Tarpley got lit up for 4 runs in the first inning, on three homers. Not what you wanna see, but, like I said, we were in a rough situation, folks.

Luckily, this London “baseball stadium” was very kind to the hitters in this series. Catching up in this game would not be an issue.

With the bases loaded in the 2nd, we got two back thanks to a Gio the Happy Fella fielder’s choice, followed by a Gardy Party RBI infield single.

In a shocking turn of events, 2018 Luis Cessa transformed back into the “first month of 2019” Luis Cessa that we were all starting to enjoy.

Perhaps traveling to a new continent gave old Luis a new sense of life and purpose…maybe not. Anyways, his stat line from innings 2 through 5 was GREAT.

4 IP, 4 hits, 0 ER, 0 walks, 2 Ks. Hell yeah.

On the other hand, Eduardo Rodriguez kept us in check after those first two runs…

WHAT THE FUCK? We scored total 30 runs in the last game. What kind of sorcery was taking place in this game? Only 6 total runs through 6 innings?! That’s child’s play.

(And yes, I skipped an inning. Agent Zero Ottavino pitched a shut out 6th)

HOWEVER (the Stephen A. voice is back, baby), they couldn’t keep us locked down for long. We’re like the Terminator. We never die. Except for the end of the movie where he is actually destroyed, but let’s not focus on that.

After a double by DJ “He’s An Actual Machine” LeMahieu, and a walk to Judgey, Hicksy notched a RBI double!

Scary Gary followed with a 2 run single, scoring both Judge and Hicksy, and WE TOOK THE LEAD. JUST. LIKE. THAT. Terminator style, see?

Okay, I’ll stop trying to make The Terminator analogy happen. Apologies.

Later, in the very same inning, we just continued to mash baseballs. Because we’re the Yankees. Mashing baseballs is kind of our thing.

Gio the Happy Fella notched a 2 run single and DJ continued his crazy and absurd Machine-like tendencies by rocking a 2 run, ground rule double.

I don’t want to sound like a biased Yankees fan, but is DJ starting to creep into the MVP race against Mike Trout? I’m not ruling it out, folks. Not ruling it out…

We added two more runs in this NINE run inning. Yep, you heard that. We shellacked the Sox for nine runs in a single fuckin’ inning. Those last two runs were a Hicksy sac fly and a nice run off an error. Look at us, providing entertainment for our fans by scoring in a variety of ways. Credit to us.

NEVERTHELESS…we hadn’t hit a dinger yet – and we had a streak to protect!

So, in the 8th, Sir Didi decided to crush a ball 416 feet. And a 12-4 lead. Not to brag.

We have now homered in 31 STRAIGHT GAMES. That number is absolutely and completely absurd. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we homer in every single game, for the rest of this season. Hell, for the rest of the Yankees’ existence.

I simply cannot fathom a Yankees game where we don’t hit a long ball. Lol I really hope we hit a homer in the first game against the Mets, because I’ll look like a jackass if we don’t.

After a stellar 8th inning from Tommy K, Boonie was hoping and praying that our phony Cali kid, Chance “He’s Actually From Scottsdale” Adams, could hold an 8 run lead. Spoiler Alert: He could not.

He gave up a 2 run single and a RBI double before being pulled for Zack “With a K, Not an H.” Britton immediately gave up a RBI single, but don’t worry, Zack. That run is credited to that scrub, Chance. Not to you. Phew.

The Sox had cut the lead to 4.

I know we probably won’t be seeing Chance Adams again, barring another barrage of injuries, but goddamn. The kid is BAD. I’m done with the Chance Adams Experiment. Calling it right now. I’m pretty sure I actually said this months ago, but at least I can reinforce it now.

Long story short (lol just kidding, this is a looooong blog recap), we gave the ball to Classic Chappie in a non-save situation. And, in Classic Chappie fashion, Aroldis gave up a leadoff double before STRIKING OUT THE SIDE.

And that was that.

12-8 DUB.

And we SWEEP the stupid Red Sox across the pond.


Boston flew half way across the world just to get their asses kicked. I love it

Time to shift gears, folks!

After a day off yesterday, we start a quick little 2-game set against the Mets in Queens. We’re not at home, but we’re technically home……


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