Game 69 of the year. Nice.

If you didn’t think that I would make that joke when we reached this game in the season, you clearly haven’t been reading many of my game recaps.

If you haven’t, sup? I’m Johnny Pinstripes.

How are ya?

Lol kidding, kidding.

Let’s talk some baseball. Well, we traded for Edwin Encarnacion – kinda dope…just kidding, that is very, very, VERY dope.

As I stated in the title above, it slightly overshadowed our victory, but that’s all well and good. We needed a win, we got a win. Bing – bang – boom. That’s what the kid say, right?

Call me crazy, but it seems like our team responds pretty well to these “opener days.” They’ve had a pretty lukewarm fan reaction, but if Chaddy and Nestor keep this up, I’m all for it.

I can easily convinced on the Yankees trying new things – if we win. Winning solves all. ALL. Except for world peace. We’re still trying to figure that one out…

Chaddy “Is it the Chad?” Green looked GREAT in his 2 innings to start this game off: 2 IP, 1 hit, 0 ER, 6 Ks.

If you are having trouble doing the math there, EVERY OUT HE RECORDED WAS A STRIKEOUT – LET’S FUCKING GO.

Nestor Cortes gave us 5 innings in the middle of this game, basically having his own start within a start. Inception – Startception. See what I did there?

5 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 0 walks, 7 Ks.

We were leading this game 7-0 (the offensive recap is coming, stay tuned – I promise), smacking around the White Sox with ease.

Side note: I think that was the first time I wrote the words “White Sox” in this recap. It truly shows how insignificant they are to us…Anyways…

They tacked on a RBI single, followed by a 3 run shot to cut the lead to 7-4. 2 of those runs were credited to Nestor, while the others were Johnny Holder’s doing. The 3 run yabo came against him, after all.

But, hey – we got to Classic Chappie come into the game, for the first time in a MINUTE, give up a quintessential single, and get some much needed usage. No problems there.


Scary Gary got us on the board with a 2 run double, because he is 2016-2017 Gary Sanchez and that 2018 Gary scrub has been banished and shall never return.

Gleyber hasn’t gone yabo in a while – so he decided to massacre a ball 412 feet:

He also added a sac fly, not to brag.

Now: Cameron Maybin is truly the man. He has exceeded expectations, since we acquired him, to the umpteenth degree.

He might not be on our team for much longer…but he crushed a ball 414 Feet, just so that we will never forget him.

Very good strategy, Cam.

Our last two runs were a Gary RBI ground out in the 7th, and a Didi RBI walk in the 9th to give us our 8th and last run.

PHEW. Finally got a fucking win.

You said it, Bron Bron.

Game 4 in ChiTown is coming up VERY soon.

Let’s get this series split and then head on home to face the Rays. Edwin and Giancarlo will be joining us.

Good luck everybody else…


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