According to multiple sources, the New York Yankees acquired 1B/DH Edwin Encarnacion from the Seattle Mariners on Saturday night.

All that the Yankees gave up for Encarnacion is 19-year-old RHP named Juan Then. Then was acquired by the Yanks from Seattle a couple of years back in the Nick Rumbelow deal, which is neat. The Yankees’ system is chock full of lottery-ticket arms. Then isn’t even a particularly well-regarded one, by most indications. That sounds good to me.

Encarnacion was a part of a series of weird trades this offseason. As a result, Cleveland and Tampa combined to pay $5M of his $20M salary this season. That leaves $15M that the Yanks and Mariners are reportedly splitting 50/50 ($7.5M). Wow.

UPDATE: The Yankees are responsible for $3.4M in luxury tax dollars, according to Joel Sherman. Cash God.

EE’s contract also includes a $20M club option for 2020 (next year) and a $5M buyout if the Yankees don’t want him back on that salary.

Obviously, this begs the question: where does everyone fit? To open up a 40-man spot, I assume Kendrys Morales will be DFA’d, but something else weird could happen. I don’t know who comes off the MLB roster right now to open a spot for EE. Maybin? Maybe Clint is being shipped for a pitcher soon? But then why are both in this game right now?

UPDATE: Jake Barrett was moved to the 60-day IL to open up a 40-man spot for Encarnacion. No word on the 25-man spot, but my first guess would be Tauchman goes down.

The Yankees’ “A” lineup, when Judge and Stanton return sometime next week, could look something like this:

  1. 3B DJ LeMahieu
  2. RF Aaron Judge
  3. LF Giancarlo Stanton
  4. C Gary Sanchez
  5. DH Edwin Encarnacion
  6. SS Didi Gregorius
  7. 1B Luke Voit
  8. CF Aaron Hicks
  9. 2B Gleyber Torres

With Brett Gardner, Urshela, and Romine on the bench. Plus whatever the deal is with Clint/Maybin. That is bonkers. Simply bonkers. The pitching is starting to falter, so while we wait for that to be addressed, I guess the plan is to do all they can to out-hit their pitching?

I like this move because Edwin Encarnacion is good at baseball so he will make the Yankees better, but I am definitely confused.

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