‘Rocketman’ is a dynamite musical fantasy with incredible music, stunning visuals, and at the very least a memorable, Oscar nomination-worthy performance from Taron Egerton. Instead of conforming to a cookie-cutter musical biopic format, ‘Rocketman’ tells the story of Elton John through his legendary music. In short, it’s everything I wanted Bohemian Rhapsody to be for Freddie Mercury.

Instead of taking the traditional route of telling the story of how an artist created their famous songs they told the story of Elton John using some of his best work to highlight poignant moments from his life. Accompanied by riveting camerawork and cinematography, every musical number is fantastic even if a few stand out more than others. Even if you’re not an Elton John fan (I wasn’t a huge one until this film), you will be captivated by fantastical ways in which the music plays out on screen. It’s colorful, it’s vibrant and it’s an absolute blast up until the very last scene. Cannot recommend this movie enough. Go see it this weekend instead of whatever the latest flop is.

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