Brian Cashman did an interview on WFAN today and contributed a few interesting updates on some important members of the roster. Let’s go through some of them.


Brian Cashman said that they are still optimistic that they will be able to have Luis Severino “plugged back in” after the All-Star break.

This is a bigger update than it sounds like, if I’m reading these comments correctly. We knew that Sevy wouldn’t be back until AFTER the break, but we weren’t sure how soon after. It sounds like he is on pace to return right after the break, which would mean he’s ready for minor league rehab assignments, etc. These things, generally, have a propensity to change and that has been especially true this season, but this is great news on the Severino front.


Cashman and Boone had somewhat conflicting comments on Aaron Judge, but in either scenario, it is great news for the Yankees, and therefore us, the fans. Boone said that there is a chance Judge could begin playing in minor league games as soon as this coming weekend, which piggybacks nicely on his quote from late last week that said there is “a chance” he could participate in the London series at the end of June. I wouldn’t call those chances particularly likely, but this update does keep it within the realm of possibility. Conversely, Cashman said that this weekend would be unlikely for Judge to see game action. That sounds, to me, like Cashman is eyeing some time early next week for a return, while Boone is pushing for something like Saturday. Whichever way you slice it, that is not bad. Assuming no setbacks, Arron Judge will see game action sometime in the next 7-14 days, which is cool and good. If you want to pick one person’s word on it, I suppose Cashman would be the guy to believe since it is largely his decision at the end of the day, but who cares? Just please don’t have a setback, big guy.

Thairo Estrada

Cashman said that he is receiving many calls on Thairo Estrada. Both he and other GMs around the league believe he can be a full-time MLB shortstop. That is a good thing because it means the Yankees either have a very good player, or they have a guy that people like enough to trade in exchange for more MLB-ready assets (an “ace,” if you want me to be more specific). I’m fine with Thairo being in the minors, for now, to get consistent playing time. He’s 23 and had a lost season in 2018, and sitting on the bench can’t help him develop too much. Go play every day and build value. With that said, he’ll probably be a full-time major leaguer one way or another by the end of this season. I hope it is with the Yankees, or that we made an appropriate move with Estrada’s value. I trust Cashman fully on trades. 100 percent.


The Yankees signed first-round pick Anthony Volpe today. He had been committed to join Delbarton HS (NJ) teammate Jack Leiter at Vanderbilt, but the Yankees pried him away. Nice. Some scouts have compared Volpe to Alex Bregman, if you want an idea for what kind of player he could be. I compared him to Gleyber, but I am also remarkably inexperienced/stupid when it comes to draft analysis. I’m glad he has signed, for sure. Read my full blog on the first day of the draft to see the other information I was able to find on the three picks that the Yankees had that day.

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