Cleveland, Ohio.

Not the most glamorous city in the world. But, it’s gained fame for it’s legends.

LeBron James

Johnny Manziel

DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler.

The list goes on and on (lmao)

I hope you guys know I was kidding about those last three names, but I shall digress..

The point is, the good vibes were flowing at the start of this game. Didi was making his much anticipated return, our lineup is starting to look like an actual Yankees lineup, not the Scranton RailRiders. AND, we had Cy Young Domingo on the mound.

What could go wrong?

Everything was going well to start, too! Clint the Wildling notched a RBI single in the 2nd, followed by the man, the myth, the legend: Hicksy

Hicksy has been MASHING.

And Domingo was pitching solid, shutout ball through 3! And then….it all went to goddamn shit.

A RBI single in the 4th, a solo shot in the 5th, and a 2 run yabo in the 6th and boom – we were suddenly down 4-2.

Domingo eventually left the game with a stat line of;

6 IP, 6 hits, 4 ER, 1 walk, 6 Ks.

Not a terrible start, by any stretch. But, still….the man was cruising in the first half of this game, we had a lead, and then it all evaporated. Disappeared. Vanished. All of those words, and more.

David Hale came in for the next two innings, giving up an (underrated) sac fly in the process. Conveniently for the boys in Cleveland, our bats decided to stop producing during the second half of this game.


5-2 loss.

Not the way I wanted to start this series, but we have Mariekson “Didi” Gregorius back in the big leagues. Nothing else matters, for right now, than that…

…But winning would be nice too. Just saying.

Let’ s win Game 2 please (and Game 3, but I’m not trying to get ahead of myself…)


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