Losing three games in a row is not fun. Furthermore, losing a series to a lowly team like the Blue Jays is also not fun. Let’s not do that again!! Cool? Cool.

We salvaged the final game of this journey into Canada with a nice 6-2 victory against Toronto.

Do you know what this means…?! I can finally do this:

“Sorrey, Toronto! We didn’t mean to get all you nice fellas all worked up thinking you’d mop the floor with our nice bunch of toonies!”

(Please read that in a Canadian accent)

But, yes – FINALLY. We beat this goddamn team.

And, it was very apropos that former Blue Jay and pitcher who I banned from certain nicknames, JA Happ, was the man to crush their hopes and dreams.

After JA’s last start, I restored one of his nicknames: Peanut Butta Happ.

With two, 1-earned-run games in a row, I said it would take more to re-anoint him as “Mr. Consistency.”

Hmm…do I do it? Do I give him the nickname back early?!

I’m in a good mood after all.

Fuck it.

JA “Peanut Butter Happ,” aka “Mr. Consistency” is BACK.

7 IP, 4 hits, 1 ER, 0 walks, 4 Ks.

The man was BALLING.

And good thing our offense was as, well.

DJ LeMahieu is so fucking good at baseball. But seriously. DJ LeMahieu is really, really, REALLY good at baseball.

He’s even better with runners in scoring position.


A RBI double in the 2nd and a RBI single in the 4th off the bat of DJ “DJ LM On That Beat” “DJ Khaled Anotha One” LeMahieu. What a beast.

In between those hits, we got a pair of YABOS.
You know who else is back?

Our fucking star centerfielder – that’s who.

HICKSY 3 RUN SHOT. Roped that ball to straightaway right field

Oh, and then Gio The God CRUSHED a ball 415 feet, because he doesn’t want to be forgotten about with Didi’s impending return.

We could never forget you, Gio…

So, we had a nice 5 run lead heading into the 8th inning…

Chaddy Green took care of business in the 8th, but he couldn’t make things easy in the 9th. Come on, Chad. WHAT THE FUCK? We had a nice, comfortable 6-1 lead.

He gave up 3 straight singles before being pulled from the game…

Spin Zone: This paved the way for a save situation for our boy, Chappie.

No funny business from Aroldis Chapman on this fine evening. We know he sometimes likes to fuck around and walk a few hitters – BUT, that wouldn’t have been very ideal with the bases loaded…duh.

A quick double play (they scored a run – who cares) and a line out to Gio and we got the DUB, 6-2.

18th save of the year for Chappie.

Good, solid victory.

On to the next one…

Now, we start a nice weekend set against the Cleveland Indians. Remember when we were down 0-2 in the ’17 ALDS, and then won 3 straight against them?
That was awesome…


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