I’ve been seeing people talk about how Daniel Jones wasn’t good on 3rd down and that is really bad because it’s the money down. After watching every throw in 2018, I was thinking that he seemed pretty good on 3rd down, but I wanted concrete evidence. I decided to make a video for every 3rd down in every game. I’ll drop the total numbers and then a link to each individual game.

47/88 517 yards 8 TD 2 INT

22 carries 213 yards 2 TD

10 sacks

15 drops

We all know that Daniel Jones completion percentage was low in part to drops but especially so on 3rd down. His completion percentage was 53% but once you factor in drops it would jump to a whopping 70%!

Army Game

Northwestern Game

Virginia Tech Game

Georgia Tech game

Virginia Game

Pitt Game

Miami game

UNC game

Clemson game

Wake Forest game

Temple game

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