We hit five home runs last night. Gleyber Torres hit two of those. He has ten yabos on the year…against Baltimore. HOW?!

I don’t know, Kanye. Just enjoy it.

10 of his 12 homers of 2019 have been against this scrub team. OH! And we have beaten this scrub team eight straight games. Ya gotta love it!

We jumped out to a big-time lead in this content, only to see it get slightly closer. Originally, I tweeted before the game that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility to win by 10. I wanted to say 20 or 30, but come on – let’s be realistic.

Regardless, we let this inferior club back into the game a little bit, in a goodwill gesture to inspire hope.

We’re basically Dennis Renyolds from Always Sunny.


We had the Big Guy on the bump last night. CC gave us one his classic 5-inning performances and he was, basically, what we expect from him:

5 IP, 6 hits, 5 runs, 4 ER, 2 walks, 7 Ks.

Our guy, Mr. Cap’n Crunch himself, was sitting pretty for most of his outing – he had only given up a RBI double and a RBI groundout through four. A couple mistakes in the 5th resulted in a solo shot and a 2 run shot, but CC still left the game with the lead in tact. He was in line for the win!

If you guys know me, you know that I love for Carsten Charles to pad his Hall of Fame stats. Another win on the docket just increases his HOF chances, if ever so slightly…

But, let’s talk some offense, because we were crushing it. Both literally and figuratively.

Thairo Estrada doesn’t wanna be sent back down…

Seriously…he really, really, really doesn’t want to be sent back down. This kid has been absolutely mashing and I’m here for it.

I’ll go back to him in a minute because…it was time for another one our middle infielders to go YABO.


And that brings us to Gleyber Torres. For your viewing and entertainment pleasure, I will only by posting Jomboy’s MASN clips of the Gley Baby homers.

Gary Throne is an absolute legend.



This game was special. Wanna know why? Don’t worry I’m going to tell ya. Just wanted to keep you on your toes for a couple of seconds…

This was the fourth time this season that Gley Baby has had a 2-homer game, with all FOUR coming against the Orioles. Holy shit.

That makes him only the fourth player in the history of this league to have four multi-homer games against the same team in the same season. The first time in more than 60 years. SIXTY.

AND IT’S ONLY MAY. He’s gonna crush that record. Book it. Lock it up.

In short, Gleyber is the Orioles’ Daddy. See!

And this was only after the first one!

If only Pedro was still around, so Gleyber could mash against him too. Get it? ‘Who’s your daddy?!” Okay. I’ll shut up now

Moving right along, Gary hit a YABO of his own, just for good measure.

Another wonderful Gary Thorne call.

Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres. They’re basically the Bash Brothers of 2019, with Judge and G on the shelf. Just kidding – gotta throw #MYFirstBaseman on that list too. How about the Bash Triplets?! Eh, I’ll work on the name.

We talked about CC, we talked ’bout the offense…now let’s talk the ‘pen! All good stuff from our relievers: Zack With a K was given the night off, due to being “beat up” – Boonie’s words, not mine.

Tommy K, Agent Zero Ottavino, Chaddy, and Chappie all pitched a shutout inning in relief. Look at that team work right there. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

Classic Chappie, of course, surrendered a walk – another one of his prototypical performances. He did notch his 13th save of the year, however, which is good for second in the AL.

As for CC, we padded his stats with another W, but it costed him a little bit: it was announced after the game that he is going onto the 10-Day IL.

Nobody panic.

I’m inclined to believe this is just one of his classic “My knee hurts, I’ll see you guys in 2 weeks” IL stints. I cannot guarantee this, but I’m just going off my gut instinct. You guys know I’m the instinct guy. So, trust me. He’ll be fine.


We’ve got a nice early start for today’s game – 12:35 ET! We’re going for the four game sweeeeep. Let’s get it.


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