UPDATE 5/22: The Yankees officially placed Sabathia on the 10-day IL

CC Sabathia is not expected to make his next start, according to Aaron Boone and CC Sabathia. His knee was “barking” after Wednesday night’s game in Baltimore.

CC just said that the knee has been acting up for a couple of starts, now, and tonight it was especially bad, which makes sense given his performance tonight.

This seems like the annual CC injury. He’ll miss a start, maybe two, and be back. He said he will likely go back to New York tonight and receive a lubricating injection.

James Paxton is expected to come back soon, but it’s unclear exactly when he could be ready. He wasn’t ever going to be back to fill the spot in the rotation that was originally his, but could he maybe be back in time to fill CC’s slot? That would be the best possible scenario, I think.

If not, the Yankees may end up having two “bullpen days” in their rotation for a turn or two, which could become taxing. It may be more likely that they give Nestor Cortes Jr. or Chance Adams straight-up starts or perhaps stack them in the same game, if I were to guess.

Fortunately, the offense is rolling and Paxton should be back soon, so they can absorb this for now. I wouldn’t expect the offense to slow down much against the Royals this weekend.

Speaking of Kansas City, I guess this means Sabathia will miss his last trip to KC as a visiting player. CC has said many times on R2C2 that KC is his favorite road city, so I honestly feel bad for him there.

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