The Baltimore Orioles are an unfortunate franchise in 2019. Do I feel bad that we have been obliterating them? Making a mockery of them? Hell nah.

Last year, when we were the, relatively, healthy New York Yankees, this scrub team got the better of us, on multiple occasions. For some reason, they had our number. NOW, as the NY RailRiders, we are finally besting this inferior ball club. What a world, eh?

Domingo “Cy Young Domingo” Germán didn’t bring his A game – but he really didn’t need it. Let me just say that in 2018, this would have constituted as Domingo’s “A Game.”

5 IP, 5 hits, 3 runs, 2 ER, 1 walk, 5 Ks.

That kind of performance would have been an absolutely stellar outing for the 2018 version of ‘Mingo.

HOWEVER (Stephen A. of course), Domingo decided to transform into a magical Ace in a matter of months. Because of this, we’re supposed to be slightly disappointed with this kind of performance. “Slightly” being the operative word.

He was, clearly, just taking it nice and easy when we started to pour on the runs. A 3 run homer (only 2 earned) was his lone mistake. Do I care? Nope. Domingo is the man.

Credit to our offense for giving our perennial Cy Young pitcher some easy ass innings. And yes, I went there. He’s Cy-Young-caliber. Book it. Lock it up.

Oh, and he is now a league-leading 9-1 with a 2.60 Era. Holy fuckin shit.

Feed him that All-Start start. FEED HIM.

As for the rest of our pitching, David Hale joined our franchise for the third time since last year. Hahaha.

He pitched four, very solid innings in relief, only surrendering a RBI groundout – giving the big guns of our bullpen the night off.

Moving right along…LET’S TALK RUNS.

Have I said that the ‘Gary Sanchez of old’ is back? Oh, wait. I have?…

Well I don’t care. I’m saying it again.


Interesting developments going on in Yankee-Land.

The word on the street is that Clint The Wilding is VERY depressed that Game of Throneshas just ended. Because of this, he decided to take out his frustration on some baseballs. Twice. A 2 run YABO and a 3 run YABO.

After slumping for a few games, who woulda thought that it would take the series finale of his favorite TV shot to get a guy going?…Yes, that’s probably not the reason but have a little imagination, people!

You might be wondering, “hey, Johnny Pinstripes. Did we score any other runs besides homers?”

Yes! Of course we did, pal!

A 2 run double by Gio, because he is the goddamn man (and a god), a RBI single from Gleyber, and a RBI groundout for Teddy Bear Gar.

A beautiful 11 to 4 shellacking. Ya gotta love it.

Game 3 coming up in Baltimore. If we win this one, we win the series. In short, we better win this goddamn series. No splits for me…


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