According to a rumor going around- literally one rumor from one person that I saw, so take it with a grain of salt- the Knicks would consider a trade down in the draft next month.

The Cleveland Cavaliers- owners of the fifth pick- are reportedly in love with RJ Barrett and would be willing to trade up into the top three to get him.

Meanwhile, the Knicks are reportedly interested in Jarrett Culver, and it had already been reported in recent weeks that they are interested in Duke’s Cameron Reddish. They would be able to get one of them with the fifth selection if the deal were to hypothetically be with Cleveland.

I am not about this. For one, I happen to personally love RJ Barrett, if they want to keep the pick. More importantly, though, is the speculation of Kevin Durant coming into the fold. I cannot imagine a scenario where trading down from No. 3 makes Durant more interested in coming to the Knicks.

Many still say that RJ might be the most NBA-ready player in this draft (I still think it’s Zion, but that’s not the point). So with the Knicks potentially in a position to contend next season, wouldn’t Barrett be the better fit that Culver or Reddish?

Moreover, If they are going to trade the third pick, what could Cleveland really give them? I assume it would be the fifth pick as well as a future pick(s)? Normally, I would be willing to take as many chips as possible, but with this draft, specifically, as well as the assumed plan for the rest of the offseason, I would not be making such a large effort in acquiring a large swath of future picks when you can use the third pick to invest in win-now players while you have KD in his early 30s (*cough cough Anthony Davis*).

So, yeah, I don’t really want Scott Perry and Steve Mills to pursue this. It’s not at all what I would do in their position. With that said, if they really do like Culver or Reddish that much, they better fucking trade down and not reach for them at three. That would be the most Knicks thing in a long time within a long long long timeline of Knicks things.

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