The Yankees announced Monday that third baseman Miguel Andujar will return to the injured list with a torn labrum. The Yankees’ injured list is back up to 13. Nestor Cortes Jr. has been called back up as the corresponding move.

Andujar, somewhat magically, had returned to MLB action nearly just five weeks after the initial injury. He had played in just nine games (seven at DH) since returning (35 PA) and looked dreadful.

His line since returning: .088/.114/.088 (-53 wRC+).

He seemed lost at the plate and the Yanks have determined that the injury was the main reason for that, which makes sense.

Gary Sanchez played through a shoulder injury-not the same injury as Andujar- all of last year and was bad. He had offseason surgery- again, not the same surgery as Andujar would require- and looks much better now. If they determine he needs the surgery after all, hopefully the same logic applies, and I am in favor of him getting the surgery.

The Yankees have a couple of choices as far as how to eventually replace Andujar with an infielder on the active roster:

They traded for 27-year-old Breyvic Valera on Sunday. He is on the 40-man roster so the switch would be fairly easy there. He’s the most likely option, by my estimation.

Tyler Wade still exists. I’d prefer him to Valera, but I get why others disagree. He’s an option and is on the 40-man, so that’s also easy.

Mike Ford and Logan Morrison are, technically, choices. Morrison is not on the 40-man and that makes things difficult. Ford is on the 40-man, but I don’t see them keeping a 1B/DH-only guy on the big league roster for any sort of extended period of time. I’ve been wrong before.

Brad Miller is also a choice. He is not on the 40-man roster, so he’d likely only come up if they determine Andujar will get the surgery that would land him on the 60-day IL, opening a 40-man spot for Miller. He plays all of the infield positions (poorly) and has some pop. There’s value there, but it’s not an easy switch.

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