The beginning of this 2019 campaign has been an absolute whirlwind. We’ve lost around 13 guys to the IL in the last couple of months.

Every time we bring a guy back to the active roster, we lose another body. We’ve been called a ‘Triple A” team by most media outlets. And still, we keep winning ballgames.

Now, as guys start to trickle back onto the team, there is one important nugget of information that I’m going to remember about the 2019 New York RailRiders.


If you totally didn’t get that reference, it was a Spongebob quote. I’m sorry, I’m 24 years old. Don’t hate on us millennials.

I’ll get to Gio in a little bit…

This game was a back and forth battle all the way through. The two best teams in the AL East duking it out. But, in the end, we got the better of the Red S- wait. The best team in the East is the Rays?!

The Rays?!

Okay, that concludes my chirping of the Tampa Bay Rays. But hey, all power to them. They have had a hell of a season so far.

It would be a damn shame for us to beat the shit out of them. A. Damn. Shame.

Domingo “Our New Ace/2019 All-Star Starter” Germán was absolutely dealing through 4 innings. We had scored two runs in the first, thanks to a passed ball which scored DJ LM On That Beat and a RBI single by Gley Baby that scored #MYFirstBaseman.

This looked like it was going to be a nice, easy dub – BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO DOMINGO?!

The boy was cruising! Cruising!

The man’s cruise ship was sailing along, no problems in sight, and then he hit a fucking iceberg!

In the 5th, a double, a 2 run dinger, and a solo shot, and boom.

We’re losing 3-2 all of a sudden. What. The. Fuck?!

It’s tough to be really pissed at Domingo, though. He has been such a pleasant surprise so far this season. I was going to make a wisecrack right here, but I decided to be serious – because it’s true! Domingo has been unreal.

His final stat line was as follows:

5 IP, 5 hits, 3 ER, 2 walks, 5 Ks.

It could’ve been a lot better, but what are ya gonna do?! He’s still 7-1 with a 2.70 ERA!

They didn’t hold that stupid lead for long, because we have the best hitter in the goddamn world.

With singles by Gary, Clint, and Miggy, the stud from Cartegena, Colombia strutted to the plate.


An amazing at-bat by Gio, as well. “Amazing” doesn’t really do it justice, if I’m being honest. It was glorious. Truly glorious. He was down 0-2 real fucking quick, but he battled back and got us a huge knock.

I don’t know how long this dude is going to keep up this hot streak, but I’m hoping and praying that it is forever.


Shoutout, Sandlot.

Hmmm…what else happened this game?

Well, after Tommy K pitched a beautiful 6th, Adam “Agent Zero” Ottavino gave us a nice scare in the 7th inning.

Maybe I should start calling him “the new D-Rob” because he sure pulled a damn “Houdini” move last night.

Loaded the bases on two walks and a single, giving everyone the impression that he was going to royally fuck up this game.

Then…bing bang boom!

A strikeout and a double play and we get out of it! I love ya, Ottavino. DON’T EVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN.

Zack “With a K” took care of things in the 8th…

And then, Classic Chappie was back in full form. After surrendering a solo shot the night before against Seattle, he was back to his regularly scheduled programming.

2 quick outs, one measly single, and then a strikeout to seal the deal.

Never in doubt, with Aroldis “Classic Chappie” Chapman. Lmao.

His 9th save of the year… and WE WIN 4-3!

A great divisional battle for sure.

The Rays are a good-ass baseball team. This is going to be a extremely fun matchup during this whole season.

Oh, and their stadium is a fucking piece of shit. Sooo, that will factor in as an advantage for them.

The game tonight starts at 6 pm…weird time.



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