Originally my weekly column was going to be called Thoughts from 161 St, but I’m changing it to Club 161 for obvious reasons.

For those that may not know, Club 161 breaks out in the Yanks clubhouse after what the team considers to be a big home win. Smoke machines, 2 Chainz, and Clint undoubtedly losing his mind.

So now that we’re all caught up. Let’s dive in to what is currently on my mind following a successful 5-2 homestand against the Twins and Mariners.

First, the Legend of Urshela, the era of Gio the God is continuing to grow with each game. We know that. That’s old news. But my thought is this:

In Thursday night’s Game 4 against Seattle, did the Yankees kind of tell Andujar that he’s a part time player right now?

Sounds stupid right? Best rookie in baseball a year ago (get out of my face Ohtani) is a part time player? Honestly not sure, and probably not, but let’s look at the evidence.

Obviously with the emergence of Gio at third and the endless injuries it’s convenient to play the less-than-100% Andujar at DH. But last night, Gio, with a banged up knee got the night off. Du got the start at the hot corner. After another O-for night, in a 1 run game the Yankees brought a banged up Gio in as a DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENT, and then HE ALSO DELIVERED THE 2 RUN INSURANCE SINGLE.

I’m sorry, but that is saying in so many words, in any game that is relatively close, if you are actually playing third base, you’re coming out in crunch time. They did it with an injured Gio, why wouldn’t they continue to do it?

Obviously this can change in like a week, but this is where we’re at right now with Miguel. At this point in time, on May 10th 2019, Miguel Andujar is a DH, and will play 3b when it’s convenient and definitely not late in a close game.


Secondly, and this I’m just throwing out there as my personal opinion. I love what Domingo German’s done so far this year. Obviously. Who doesn’t?

But when can we really sit back and say, yeah German’s a guy. Yeah German’s legit. When can we officially submit our full confidence in him against ANY opponent?


Tonight, is the real litmus test for German. In my opinion, if German can go out and shut down the “first place Rays” in their abandoned warehouse against fellow 6 game winner and current MLB ERA leader, Tyler Glasnow I submit to Yankees Twitter that Mingo is fuckin for real.

Let’s see what happens.

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