On Monday, I tweeted that I had thought about Aaron Judge. Let’s go through several of the things I think about him.

He is very large. 6-7, in fact.

He is handsome. Look at this face sometime. Might like whatcha see.

He is very good at baseball. I like that because I root for the New York Yankees, the team that Aaron Judge plays for!

He is big. 6-7, actually!

I wish he were healthy! He is still out with an oblique injury.

He really is a lot larger than Ronald Torreyes was. Remember Toe? He’s pretty genuinely twice Toe’s size. Crazy!

I wish he were going to be back soon, but he is not!

He’s very good at baseball.

Aaron Judge is a very good defender. I would say he’s a top-3 defensive right fielder for sure, though I’d say only Mookie Betts is better and it’s a marginal difference. I want him to get a Gold Glove Award.

I like the gap in his teeth.

He seems like he’s actually nice. I don’t know him personally, so I really do not know, but by all accounts this is true!

He hits many homers and that is cool.

A lot of kids are probably starting to wear the number 99 in little league more often than before because of him. Neat!

He is a massive man. He’s 6-7, if you’d believe that.

That should be just about all of the thoughts I’ve got on Aaron Judge. Thank you for indulging me.

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