If you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs, you know that on several occasions throughout Monday night’s Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, chants of “New York Knicks” could be heard throughout the game, typically when Kevin Durant was at the charity stripe.

Kevin Durant is, famously, an impending free agent. This offseason he is expected to actually be willing to leave the Golden State Warriors. The frontrunners to land him if he leaves the Dubs: The New York Knicks.

Now I am never one to be remotely optimistic about the Knicks. There’s no reason to be. My entire conscientious life has been spent with the Knicks as the embarrassment of the NBA aside from the 54-win season and two or three weeks of Linsanity.

A few weeks (a month?) back, I posted about being excited about clinching the top lottery odds and that it wasn’t because I think they’ll land the top pick, but because the furthest they can fall is to the fifth pick. As a Knicks fan you should always always always expect the worst-case scenario to occur.

So why, then, have I convinced myself that Durant will be in orange and blue this July? Sure, literally every sign points to it: Durant’s agent is a New York guy, the Knicks confidently traded Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavs as a salary dump sweetener, and they now have room for more than two max contracts.

That still doesn’t explain, though, why I have convinced myself that I could be happy because of the Knicks. Why have I abandoned by philosophy of never ever believing in the Knicks to do something good because of Kevin Durant, of all people?

There’s no reason for it. It makes no sense. I fully expect to throw myself off a bridge this summer since I’ve also kind of convinced myself Kyrie will come, too, but that’s a different issue.

Let’s get through the draft first FFS, Dave!

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