For those who have been reading these daily recaps, I’m sure you’ve gotten to know me a little bit. Because of this, you know that I’m an honorable man. I admit my mistakes.

I’m like my boy, Ned Stark. Before he got his head chopped off.

(I could go on a whole Thrones rant after episode 4 last night, but I’ll spare you)

The point is, I admit when I am wrong about something. And goddamn, I was DEAD wrong about Domingo “Domingo on a Domingo” Germán after last year.

But, most of you were wrong too! I won’t speak for the entire masses of Yankees Twitter, because that would be downright foolish, but a great deal of you were in the same camp as me: “This guy has filthy stuff, but he cannot seem to control it.”


Yesterday, was a true testament of how far this dude has come. The movement of his curveball was unreal. This year, he has been able to control his breaking balls, allowing them to gain movement and curve the way he needs them to.

I know, I know. I, Johnny Pinstripes, do not normally talk about pitching mechanics. I felt that a quick little blurb about our new ace (?!) was necessary.
My normal breakdown usually goes like this:

Domingo was DEALING. He was FILTHY. He’s the man! He can’t be stopped! And so on…

But it’s true – the man cannot be stopped. His path of domination is inevitable. He’s like Kevin Durant joining the Knicks. Nobody can stop this from happening (I hope and pray that this is true, KD…)

6.2 IP, 4 hits, 1 ER, 3 walks, 7 Ks.

This wasn’t even his most dominant performance of the season! But, that is just a testament to how fucking amazing he has been.

6-1 now with a 2.35 ERA. He’s also heading towards a sure-fire All-Star appearance, as he long he doesn’t start spontaneously combusting…or get injured…one of the two.

‘Domingo Germán will most likely be an All-Star’

Words I DEFINITELY did not think that I would type in 2018.

BUT, back to the game…the lone run he surrendered was a paltry RBI single in the 4th. After his day was done, we got to see the new ‘Big Three’ of our bullpen – well, until Dellin comes back.

Tommy K, Agent Zero Ottavino, and Classic Chappie.

Due to the shitty, shitty weather in New York yesterday (trust me, it sucked – I live here. Was raining nonstop), the game was called after 8 innings. Chappie only came into the game because the stupid rain was messing up Agent Zero’s mechanics!

He walked a guy, then hit another, all because of the torrential downpour happening above him! This game should’ve been called before the 8th inning started! We were up 4-1 at this point!

Oh, well. We got the win….

But how did we get those runs? Hm? Hmmmm?

Relax, Will. I’m coming with the offensive recap rightttt now:

With the bases loaded in the 2nd, the most surprising thing ever happened:

DJ “DJ LM On that Beat” LeMahieu notched a RBI single – what a shock!

Another run was able to cross the board on a throwing error, giving us a beautiful 2-0 lead for our boy, Domingo. That was, clearly, all he needed to take care of business, but one guy wanted to give us one final memory of him:

Mike Tauchman has been bad. Really bad. Clint Frazier is coming back today, so Mike Tauchman will be sent to the bench. When Hicksy and G come back, Tick-Tock Tauchman will be sent over to Scranton.

BUT, until then, Mikey T decided to hit another yabo.

You go, Mikey T. Aka Ke$ha…You had a good run.

4-1 DUB. Series win.

That’s all she wrote folks. The rain gods gave us the 9th inning off. How nice of them! The baseball gods, the rain gods, the drowned god, the Lord of Light –whoa. Sorry, I’m getting back into a Game of Thrones rant.

I’ll chill. I’ll chill.

In a couple hours, we’re starting a nice 4-game set againist the 19-17 Mariners. They’re from Seattle. That’s where Starbucks was invented, did ya know that?

Okay – I’ll cool it with the sarcasm…My apologies.

Clint is back, we’ve got The Big Guy on the bump, let’s keep the winning going.


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