According to multiple reports, Miguel Andujar is on a flight right now (10 a.m. EST) from Tampa to New York to join the Yankees. Celebrate.

I don’t know how we got lucky like this, but somehow after tearing his labrum, Miggy is ready to play just a month later. After tearing up his minor league rehab assignment, it sounds like he will be up in time for Friday night’s game and I like that.

Andujar had played three games this season before going down. He had been bad, but it was also three fucking games (14 PA), so relax.

In his 3-game rehab assignment, he had a .900 OPS with a 173 wRC+, but that is similarly a small sample size against minor leaguers, so it also doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s fun, though! He homered in his final game, if I’m not mistaken.

On to what it means for the roster shuffle. Someone will have to go down. The two leading candidates: Mike Ford and Thairo Estrada.

In a vacuum, I would rather Ford stay up. He should be able to continue being a major leaguer. That’s not the world we live in, though. Shit ain’t fair.

Estrada remains because he can play so many different positions. His versatility is very valuable in the 3-man-bench era (side note: I wonder how things will change when the rosters expand to 26 next year and bench’s go back to four people. I guess they’ll still be looking for versatility. We’ll see). He can also serve as a pinch-runner and has been playing really well thus far, so they might as well ride his hot hand for a bit.

There’s just not really room for Ford’s 1B/DH position on the bench, especially with Andujar likely getting a lot of DH days and DJ LeMahieu sitting there able to play first base on days they want to DH Luke Voit. Remember that they signed LeMahieu with the intent to play him at first base at least once a week or so.

Anyway, the official announcement will likely come soon enough, so my speculation will be rendered moot. Fun!

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