I’m a big time nickname guy, and I take this very seriously especially since we HAVE to do something about Daniel Jones’ name. Let’s nickname the Giants 2019 Draft Class!

Danny Jones

Daniel Jones is possibly the most boring name of all time. We have to call him Danny because Danny might be the most gunslinger name of all time. You are the future now, Danny.

Sexy Dexy

I’m going to admit that I’m stealing a lot of these. Dexter Lawrence put this one on his instagram and it’s perfect. I’m also the number one supporter of Rex Grossman since he was the Gators QB and I have post notifications on for whenever he tweets. He hasn’t tweeted since he was on the Falcons, but I’m convinced that we’ll become best friends once he does.

DeAndre the Giant

I had a hard time with this one because Baker makes for some good names, but I’d say that the Cleveland QB has the rights to the baker nicknames. Deandre Baker might not be the biggest guy, but he’s literally a New York Giant so how can we not go with this.


Oshane Ximines is such a beautiful name, but I believe this was his college nickname and you really can’t pass up the chance of calling someone X-Man when the opportunity is at your door. X-Man it is!

Julian No Love

I’m honestly embarrassed by this one, but how do you give a pass break up machine a nickname that involves Love without it being too corny and not having someone comment “pause.” I’m open to suggestions on this.

Mr. Connelly

I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan Connelly play but boy oh boy does he look like he’s a 43 year old history teacher. Ryan looks like his wife is nagging him for not wearing sunscreen and watching too much baseball. Ryan Connelly looks like he throws away his kids soccer trophies that they get at the end of the year because the league didn’t keep score and they didn’t deserve it. I believe Mr. Connelly is a good fit.

Speed Slayton

Darius Slayton ran a 4.39 40 yard dash and also has a 40.5″ vertical jump. He averaged 20 yards a catch and is just a big time play maker. I’m not too proud of this one but I like Speed Slayton.

Ballentine’s Day

This one isn’t necessarily a nick name but is more of a catch phrase. Whenever Corey Ballentine makes a big play I want Chris Berman to wish he didn’t retire so he can yell “It’s Ballentine’s Day!!!!” Hopefully that’ll happen early and often.

Big George

Big George is another that I stole because George Asofo-Adjei has it as his name on Twitter & Instagram. I actually enjoy saying his last name even though I’m not 100 % sure that I’m pronouncing it correctly, but you have to give that guy a nicknames. I have some other ones if he’d like some new beginnings. G.A.A? Three initials is always a solid choice. King George is the obvious one, but I thought we could save that for the first time he makes a pro bowl.

The Slayer

Syracuse DT Chris Slayton is a beast and the middle which means he’ll be slaying running backs and the dumb quarterbacks who try to scramble. Name play is key in nicknames and you can’t let a defensive tackle with the name Slayton slip passed you.

I’m open to any and all suggestions except Danny Jones. We are 100% calling him Danny Jones.


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