Sheehan and I saw Endgame last night and recorded a 40-minute slapper of an episode talking about everything in it but didn’t want to put any spoilers in here in case you’re a fan of Jimmy’s other podcasts and don’t want spoilers. So here’s my spoiler-free review and listen below after you see the movie for a more in-depth discussion.

Dave Review: It’s everything you could want and more. The perfect culmination of 11 years and 21 movies worth of watching the characters we love grow, learn and progress along their own unique story arcs. What the Russo Brothers were able to do with ‘Endgame’ and ‘Infinity War’ is an amazing achievement in directing that should be talked about for years to come. It will make fans laugh, cry and jump out of their seat in excitement. The experience of seeing this movie on opening weekend is my second favorite movie theater experience (first is Force Awakens opening night because I’ve been a star wars fan since i was a kid). Seriously, if you like the MCU go see this movie ASAP and on the biggest screen you can.

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