The Yankees will have to wait a little longer on the return of Giancarlo Stanton.

The outfielder and DH injured his shoulder in some capacity while rehabbing his bicep injury, according to multiple reports. I don’t know how something like this happens, but when it rains, it pours, I suppose. Wish the Yanks could find some dry land soon.

Stanton reportedly received a cortisone shot in the shoulder and should be able to rejoin the team in Arizona and start ramping up his swings once again. To be clear: he will not play on this road trip. I misread that part of the report at first and thought somehow they were saying his timetable was minimally changed. I thought it made no sense, but I believed that for about ten minutes anyway before reading a different tweet.

Anyway, this really blows. I want Big G back as soon as possible. It seems like he is still expected to be the next guy to return, but now he’s another 10-15 days away (UPDATE: after looking at some more reports, I really have no idea what the timetable is. Still think he’d be back before HIcks/Andujar though, but that’s pure speculation) rather than less than a week away like previously thought. I would still expect him back rather significantly before Aaron Hicks or Miguel Andujar, who are likely targeting a June return date if I were to guess. Troy Tulowitzki is the only guy I can think of that is remotely close otherwise, and he really doesn’t move the needle for me, if I’m being honest.

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