The Yankees announced this afternoon that they have reinstated catcher Gary Sanchez from the 10-day IL and called up reliever Stephen Tarpley. Catcher Kyle Higashioka and reliever Chad Green (!!) were sent down as the corresponding moves. Please clap.

We knew Gary would be returning today and assumed Higgy would be the guy sent down in his place, but the surprising news is the demotion of Chad Green.

Green has been awful this year. I’m a guy who, I think, is known for giving too many chances to guys and being too willing to wait out their best. Tuesday night, for me, was the final straw and after that game I knew I wanted Green down in Triple-A to figure out whatever the problem is.

His stats: 10 games, 0-2, 7.2 IP, 15 (!) hits, 4 walks, 7 Ks, 29 ERA+, 10.03 FIP, 16.47 ERA.

So, yeah, a lot of bad stuff. I normally (and still don’t, really) care about win/loss record, but Chad has been the loser of two games already, meaning he’s technically the pitcher responsible for at least two losses thus far. Again, if I looked deeper I’m sure I could tell you things that indicate he has cost them more games so far or that those two losses aren’t even his worst games. That’s not the point, though. He has been terrible.

Tarpley makes sense as the guy to be called up. Throw another lefty reliever into the mix from whom we’ve seen moderate success thus in the big leagues.

In 3.0 Triple-A innings so far- he was sent down after four MLB appearances (3.0 IP)- Tarpley is posting the same ERA he had with the big club: 6.00. The more peripheral stats look much better, but we’re still talking about an extremely small sample size here.

As for Gary, be happy he is back. He was totally ripping the cover off the ball when he went down, posting a .268/.333/.732 (174 wRC+) line this year, in total. He also had a then-AL-leading six home runs. Hooray.

Reinforcements are starting to come back. The IL is back down to 12 players. We just gotta wait for more guys to come back, and hope Chad Green figures it out again.

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