According to multiple reports, the New York Yankees have agreed to terms to sign Logan Morrison to a one-year minor league deal.

The Yankees will have until July 1 to determine if they will call the 31-year-old first baseman up to the big leagues. He can opt-out on July 1, and if he makes the big league club he will make $1 million.

You may remember Morrison from his time with the Rays in 2016-17. In 2017, he felt he should have been chosen to participate in the Home Run Derby over Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez and he voiced that concern. Loudly. Morrison said, “You can’t fix stupid,” in regards to Yankees fans in 2018 as well. We’re in for a treat if he makes the MLB roster.

LoMo’s best season was far and away that 2017 year. He hit .246/.353/.516 (130 wRC+) in 146 games with Tampa that year. He had 38 homers and 85 RBIs over the 511 plate appearances.

He has been a little below league average, production-wise, in his other big league seasons, but was objectively bad in 2018 with Minnesota, when he hit .186/.278/.368 (74 wRC+). That’s awful.

The odds of Morrison coming up and being a good player are likely not great, but on a minor league deal I’m fine with taking a flyer on him, I suppose. He’s an asshole and not very good, but he will at least be a warm body for the Triple-A roster now that Mike Ford was called up earlier this week and Greg Bird was placed on the IL, and at most he could become a solid lefty bat for us at first base. It’s worth a shot.

I tend to lean towards he is signed more to be a warm body at AAA while Greg Bird rehabs than him ever making the big league club, but that’s just me.

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