Rain sucks. Rain in New York sucks even more.

I live in Manhattan without a car. I’ll tell you this, folks, you really take the weather for granted when you’re driving around in a nice, air-conditioned car. You’re free of the hot weather, you’re free of the pouring rain. I miss that life.

In the summer in New York City, you sweat in the subway to work. There’s no cool metal box (aka a car) that is ferrying you from point A to point B. Same with the rain. Instead of driving to work protected for the rain, some days I’m battling against it head-on, using a shitty umbrella and trying to avoid getting my shoes ruined.

Why did I start this blog like this?

Wellll, because the Yankees played a baseball game on Friday night. And it rained. A lot. And the game was called in 7 innings. And it wasn’t fun.

This game was a total disaster. JA “Peanut Butter Happ” aka “Mr. Consistency” has been everything but that.

4 IP, 9 hits, 6 ER, 2 walks, 5 Ks.

After not signing Patrick Corbin, and bringing in Happ and Paxton, things aren’t looking too hot in the starting-pitching-department right now.


We had a 4-1 lead in this game. And, playing against a very mediocre team like the Chicago White Sox, that should be enough.

Our best goddamn hitter on the team right now, DJ “Khaled” LeMahieu, gave us a 2 run single in the first. Row Row Row Your Boat Romine added to the lead with a RBI single, followed by a Judge sac fly.


Not-Peanut Butter Happ gave up a 2 run double and, later, a 2 run yabo. After surrendering a final single, Happ was pulled. Because he isn’t consistent. And because he’s rotten, spoiled peanut butter right now.

To make matters worse, Holder wasn’t much better. He proceeded to give up a 2 run yabo of his own reallll quick.

Chad Green ended up adding to the White Sox home run derby, giving up two solo shots in the 7th before the baseball gods decided to put us out of our misery. The rain in New York continued, and the game was called.

Side note: Gardy Party hit a solo shit!

And newbie Gio Urshela had a nice RBI single. Good!

But we lost 9-6. Bad. Very very bad.

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