The Yankees just got swept by the Houston Astros and it makes me feel many feelings. I have decided to fairly regularly post these kinds of posts from here on out. This is a nice place to start on those, I think.

  • Alright, we just got swept by Houston. that very much was not fun. However, there is a silver lining in that every game was very close and the Yankees had plenty of opportunities to win each of them. Houston is probably the most complete team in baseball, I said in a tweet last night, and I stand by that. The fact that the Yankees lost these games more than Houston won them while they have 11 (!!) (mostly) key players on the IL shows just how good the Yanks are and also makes me excited to get the chance to play them when we are much more full.
  • The flip side is that they lost these games largely due to sloppy play. It sucks to watch and you hate to lose any game the way they have lost the last three. Would love to see the coaching staff do something about that, or at least the effects of them having done that because we’ll probably never see for ourselves how they get them to stop making dumb mistakes like this.
  • I like Johnny Lasagna a lot, but sending him down is the correct move for multiple reasons. The main one is that CC is back to make his next start, so they called up Joseph Harvey, who can be used in the in-between period. Loaisiga is also still very young, injury-prone, and has never pitched at Triple-A. He needs some seasoning and needs to be either lengthened out a bit or turned into a reliever because being a 4-inning starter is not something any of us are particularly interested in long-term, right? Right. I don’t care which role he ends up in, currently, but they’ll have to figure it out within the next year or so, I say.
  • I really liked what I saw from Harvey last night. He had some pretty good velocity and generated a lot of outs. How many times have we seen a player come up, though, and have a strong debut without being an actual good MLB player? Infinitely many times. It doesn’t really mean anything but I liked what I saw, and I really liked what I saw from his dad.
  • A lot of people are blaming Britton for the loss in the last game and those people are stupid. He gave up a grounder and Gleyber threw it away to allow the runner to get to second, then he gave up a soft contact grounder up the middle for him to score. Soft contact on the ground is precisely what we want to be seeing from all of our pitchers when it’s not strikeouts. If you want to blame any one person for this game, I would probably go with Paxton for being largely ineffective in last night’s game- not Britton.
  • Speaking of Paxton, I still 100 percent believe in him. He was very good in his first start and less than that in the next two, but there’s a long way to go before people should be thinking any less of him than being a front-of-the-rotation mainstay.
  • Back to Britton for a moment, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how he’s been “so bad since we got him” which is wrong. He was bad when he first came over because he was still recovering from a torn Achilles, and the further away he got from that the better he was. He didn’t make his season debut for Baltimore until mid-June so it took him a while to recover from major surgery. From August 16 through the end of the regular season last year, Britton gave up two earned runs in 17.2 IP (3.05 ERA) which is very solid. Elite? Not really. But it is very solid. None of those earned runs came in September either. Britton has also been very good this year besides the last two appearances, overall. He’s allowed runners on base but none of them scored until the last two appearances in Houston. It’s a six-game sample, but it’s something.
  • Masahiro Tanaka has been so good this year. In 18.1 IP, he has a 1.47 ERA, surrendered just two walks, has a 2.51 FIP, and has a 297 ERA+. That’s insane. We needed someone to step up in the absence of Luis Severino, and Tanaka, through three starts, has been exactly what we needed.
  • The Yankees were 9-9 at one point last year. They’re 5-7 now, but the point is there is a lot of the season left to go. They are in no danger of being “buried in April” whatsoever. Look at how many teams in the AL aren’t even trying! They just need to tread water in the meantime until they get start getting players back. CC Sabathia will reportedly be back on Saturday. If they have a good May or June and just treat water in the meantime, we will have completely forgotten about this. Just get into the postseason and we’ll roll the dice from there.
  • I have no idea when any non-CC injured players come back and I hate it.

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