This week I apparently live in bananaland because I thought Triple Frontier was just decent and not amazing. Spoiler alert: Sheehan and Jimmy fucking love this movie and it boggles the mind. Listen this movie isn’t bad by any means – it was a fun watch and if it came out in theaters I wouldn’t have been upset at paying to see it. But fantastic? No. Fucking. Way. Ben Affleck gives his best performance since Gone Girl but not because he’s actually good – he’s playing himself! A fat, washed up loser who misses how great he used to be. Oscar Isaac, Garret Hedlund, Charlie Hunam, and Pedro Pascal all were great but unforunately got sidelined to give Ben’s character more backstory. The movie tonally was all over the place – the first third was a (great) heist film, the middle was a slog where characters acted irrationally, and the ending was a fun adventure with friends despite the serious consequences they get hit with. Plus a ton of shit is set up with no pay off like who the money really belonged to, the corrupt Mexican police, and Pascal’s character’s drug use. Overall I’d say the movie is decent but the script needed one more pass over to tighten it up and be great.

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