Gooooood afternoon movie fans! This week we didn’t have a ton of hollywood news so we did a deep dive into some of the latest trailers and discussed the sequel to Forrest Gump that 9/11 killed.

Things Worth Mentioning, but Not Worth Discussing

The first 3 topics are all trailers and honestly the best part of all of them is that they don’t tell you anything about the story. It’s all character introductions/setting the mood of the film which is what trailers should be. I don’t need to know who the bad guy is in Deadwood or Once Upon A Time – I already have a basic idea of what to expect so just give me those director flourishes or a hint of returning characters and get me hyped the fuck up. So bravo to the Duffer Brothers, Tarantino, and HBO for all making terrific trailers.

Stranger Things 3 Trailer

It’s astounding how well Stranger Things is at creating nostalgia. I never even lived in the 80s and yet this reminds me of my childhood and hanging out at the shitty mall/country fair every summer.

Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood Trailer

We talk about this a little bit in the episode but honestly this feels like Tarantino’s magnum opus. It’s got a return of his Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs flourishes, it’s about old Hollywood/LA, the main character is an aging western star, and takes place in his alternate history movie universe. Oh and it stars every big name actor ever. So yeah consider me hyped for this – definitely in my top 3 most anticipated movies for the year.

Also here’s the picture of Brad Pitt and Robert Redford we discussed in the episode:

Deadwood Movie Trailer

Nothing much to say here except if you haven’t watched Deadwood stop reading this blog and go watch it now. In my opinion it is by far the best show HBO has ever put out. Serious just go watch it.

Bill & Ted 3 is becoming a thing next year

So there’s a very small chance this is good but I’m still holding out hope. Keanu and Winters have said for years they’d only do it if it wasn’t a rehash of the first or second so who knows. If Mad Max can get an awesome sequel years later than so can Bill & Ted.

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