So this has nothing to with movies but I’m reading this book Blitzed about drug use in the Third Reich and it’s wild how much Germans loved drugs. In the early 30’s German pharmaceutical companies invented meth and sold it in drug stores like it was candy. Literally like candy.

They sold chocolate laced with meth to housewives the branding being “it makes housework fun and frigid women horny!” I don’t know maybe this is just hindsight but it’s absolutely wild to me that people would just go down to their local CVS pick up a pack of smokes and some meth and go home to “loosen up” their wives. But while all the meth at grocery stores is a funny aside it’s also how the Germans won so much ground so quickly in WWII. Everyone made fun of the French growing up because of how quickly they lost WWII because they were cowards but this book puts it into a whole new perspective – the ENTIRE German army was on meth. Anytime a normal human would stop and think of a strategy to get around a blockage the Germans just ran straight at it regardless of the deaths on their side since they were so high PLUS any time the French retreated a few miles to regroup the Germans were hot on their heels since they didn’t sleep. Literally. They would go 3 days without sleep and then switch so someone else drove the tank while they crashed. Honestly that would mentally break me too.

Don’t really have a point to this blog but wanted to discuss the book with someone. If you’re a fan of history it’s worth picking up and is a quick read. Plus you get bonus stories like how Hitler’s personal doctor boondoggled his way into the position by giving him a “miracle cure” which ended up being a shot of vitamins.

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