NPR released a ‘Night Owl’ session from Lake Street Dive today and it only furthers the known fact that Rachael Price has an amazing voice.

That sound is timeless. If I closed my eyes and listened you could easily convince me it was a soul song from the 1960’s.

I’ve never been obsessed with Lake Street Dive. There are a couple songs of theirs I really enjoy. From time to time I’ll go search those out but they’ve never been a band where I listen to the album top to bottom. I’m not sure why either. Her voice is incredible and a lot of their other songs are more upbeat and fun. I think I’m gonna have to start putting them into my regular routine.

I did a Talkin Songs episode on two of their songs, Good Kisser and I Don’t Care About You.

My other favorite is Mistakes. Partly because it’s really fun to sing along with and also because the story behind the song is pretty funny. The lyric of the chorus is “look at what mistake, I’m making now” In a song working session, Rachel explained that songs can come from anywhere. This song came from a time she was eating chocolate cake on the back of the bus in a nice white dress. She said out loud to herself, ‘look at what mistake, I’m making now’. Then took that line and build a story around it.


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