I feel the need to write a little blurb to properly launch the new website so here we go, indulge me a little.

At this time last year, I quit my 9-5 job as a videographer and video editor to start this venture. Last season went pretty well. I think Jake and I laid a nice foundation for Talkin Yanks, the podcast. I think we could have done a lot more. I think we should have done a lot more.

For starters, our site last year sucked. Not only did the site stink, but we didn’t put our best foot forward to make sure all the content we created had one singular home. Now, we have that.

One of the cooler things about going full-time last year was the abundance of people that wanted to help out and get involved. We have a full team of writers, editors, hosts, social media managers and Jake.

I also wanted to create a new site that encompassed all the things we are putting out. Everybody knows me because of the Yankees content. And a lot of people probably aren’t looking for anything else from us. But some people are and they may not even know about half the things we put out every week because we’ve been pretty bad at promoting them.

To everyone who supports us on Patreon or has purchased a shirt or, those of you who have left us a 5 star reviews on a show, we thank you. We have such a supportive community of followers. The engagement is insane and the positivity we get from you guys is awesome. So thank you for all the help in keeping this thing going. Put this website in your everyday routine and maybe check out a show you haven’t listened to yet.

Here is a list of all our shows…

Talkin’ Yanks & TY The Other Guys – two Yankees podcasts.

Jomboy & Jake Radio – A daily show where Jake and I talk about the latest sports headlines and the latest bizarre news stories.

Laughs from the Past – A comedy and history podcast hosted by Jake and myself. We are currently in season 3, which is all about historical mysteries.

Talkin’ Knicks – Jake, Tom, Kenny & Greg break down the week that was in the land of tanking.

Talkin’ Huskies – Jake and Katie Sharp, the queen of stats discuss the UConn basketball teams.

Six Pack Cinema – Dave, John and myself give a review on a recent movie every Monday and a talk about the latest Hollywood headlines every Friday.

Talkin’ Songs – Me, by myself, usually stoned, talking about a band and listening to two songs by them.

Simple Man Radio – Bobby & Zac break down the latest headlines in sports and interview big name guests.

Just Talkin’ – My girlfriend, Kaity, and I discuss a new topic each week along with happy headlines and our latest indulgences.

Thank You,




    • jomboy Reply

      Thank you man, I’ll keep you in mind for any future projects we made need help with

  1. Seriously, if you guys would like help with any media stuff, I’m pretty good with videos and gifs. I would love to help out, free of charge, as much as I can. Let me know! Go Yankees!

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